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Getting Hired: A Step-by-Step Plan

Nate Elgert, CPC - Senior Account Manager

Nate Elgert is a Senior Account Manager with Aurues Group.

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  1. Get employed while you are in school
    • Why?
      • To develop references, which are your capital and equity you spend when to get a job, or a big internship
      • To begin to understand how the GL works in a real organization; AP, AR, etc.
    • Do it on the cheap!
      • Your competitive advantage is that you may not need the money, just the experience
    • Become highly involved
      • Campus investment groups
      • Become the treasurer for your fraternity/sorority
      • Find a mentor
  2. Your Resume
    • Clean but descriptive
    • Accomplishments and accolades
    • Use numerical values
    • No funny fonts, or card stock paper is necessary
    • Follow a simple formula - Capsule, Work History ( where, dates, title, job description, accomplishments), Licenses/Certifications, Education
    • No objectives - hiring officials don't read them and they take up space
  3. Your First Interview
    • Research the company and the interviewer
    • Bring letters of recommendation, but only if they are signed and on company letterhead
    • Be five minutes early
    • Look nice, be nice, smell nice
    • Firm handshake, eye contact, and smile
    • Short burst, articulate responses only
    • Provide exact answers to their questions
    • Do not ask any questions about compensation or benefits
    • Prepare a short list of questions relative to the qualitative atmosphere of the workplace, and the expectation of the position
    • Manage your body language and read your interviewers body language
    • Have a copy of your resume, but do not have it in front of you
    • Be confident, but not arrogant
    • No matter what, try to win a second interview
  4. Your Follow-Up
    • Thank you notes should be handwritten and addressed
    • Ask for the next step, not for the job
    • Do not call and ask for updates, but an email or a letter is okay


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