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The Benefits of Temporary Employees

By: Chris Carlson

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Why do companies hire temporary employees? The answer is flexibility.

Project employees are a vital component of today’s efficient organizations and companies and workers alike appreciate the flexibility of temporary work. Professionals can be brought in to fill immediate short-term needs without having to go through an extensive hiring process. This means the work gets done sooner without sacrificing quality.

Would your company benefit from using this flexible hiring option?

In addition to recruiting staff for full-time positions, Aureus Group can provide project and/or temporary staffing at the executive level and all levels of the accounting and IT/IS industries to supplement staff at critical times. Companies like these type of workers, together known as the "contingent workforce", because they often don't have to pay benefits and other costs associated with permanent employment. Aureus Group will be the employer of record and take on all the liability of the employer, including discipline or addressing needed improvements. Companies like temporary workers, too, because they buffer permanent workers from things like layoffs.

Companies also use temporary workers to find good full-time workers. The “working interview”, Aureus’ Match-Hire© program, is becoming a very popular choice in staffing. Organizations are using temporary work as a screen for full-time positions at all levels. Companies assess a prospective employee’s job performance and compatibility before making a hiring commitment. Historically, this has been a hiring option for staff level; however, we are now seeing this at the senior management and executive level as well.

Fact: Sixty-four percent of Aureus Group’s temporary employees who are looking for full-time employment obtain regular, full-time jobs as a result of working in temporary positions. Your company's bottom line is driven by wise hiring decisions.

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