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Trends Shaping our Emerging Workforce

By: Chris Carlson

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Has the recent down turn allowed us to ignore the inevitable? Retaining the right employees and keeping them engaged while cutting the fat takes strategy, communication, execution and more communication. No matter what industry or how many employees you have, the impact of the emerging workforce and new regulations will affect you, if it already hasn’t. Every aspect of HR from recruiting, benefits, to time off will need to be evaluated.

Generational differences, diversity, and employee rights need to be considered. Like it or not we have four generations working side by side. Boomers are hitting 60+ and their children entering the workforce have a new set of expectations or more accurately stated a new set of demands.

Typical families are not so typical today - from same sex partners to Mr. Moms, top employers are more open to alternative life styles. Our growing “melting pot” with new communication, shifting demographics, and political correctness requires some attention.

All conversations and research reinforce the belief that successful companies will treat their most important assets - their employees - not as inventory or a line item of expense, subject to cut backs and right sizing but as a wealth of potential, worthy of care and respect. The good news is that these are basic fundamentals of any successful team / company. Could we actually be more productive with a happier, more balanced workforce? There are many companies ranging from all sizes and industries that have already proven this to be true.

Share your workforce success stories and pitfalls with trusted advisors, customers, and vendors. It is a good step to take to get or stay ahead of your competitors.

To learn more about the trends in our emerging workforce, check out this recommended read: The New Workforce: Five Sweeping Trends That Will Shape Your Company’s Future by Harriet Hankin


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