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Not Happy with Your Job? Three Ways to “Get with It”

Most of the people I talk to who are ready to leave their job are unhappy about something. Maybe it's a boss that they never seem to connect with or the feeling that they are underpaid. Perhaps it is a feeling of underutilization of skills or a long commute.

Celebrate Pi Day! Why Not?

In celebration of National Pi Day, we made a lot of deliveries and took a moment to celebrate all the sweetness around us. At Aureus Group, we love Pi. No, not pie…but the number 3.14... This crazy number shows up everywhere and goes on forever.

Perspective from an Astonishing Year in Sports

This past year has been a crazy one. From Brexit to the presidential election, I don't think anyone could have predicted all of the shocking things that have been happening all over the world. The craziness that I would like to address today happens to take place in the world of sports.

5 Hiring Trends for 2017

According to a Harris Poll survey conducted for CareerBuilder, there are some really interesting hiring trends that are emerging this year.

How to Define Your Love with a Contract Workforce

Get the right talent for the right task at the right time! From the employer's perspective, hiring contract workers simply makes sense in many circumstances. You'll save some valuable time, money, expand your candidate pool, and you may even find your next key player.

Why Should You Love Contract Opportunities?

Contract opportunities are flexible and provide more options to align with your goals. In this job market, you have non-traditional options that can expand your career potential. The negative connotations of consultant and contract jobs are misleading.

A Resume Refresher to Aide in Your Job Search

Just getting started in your job search? The one thing you will need to put together for any career move is an updated resume. While some of you may think this is a simple task, I’ve seen several resumes lately that lead me to believe a brief refresher could be handy. Let’s get started with

Understanding the Four Attributes of Emotional Intelligence – Part 1: Self-Awareness

In a previous blog I highlighted the four attributes that make up Emotional Intelligence (EQ). In this four part blog series, I will further expand on each of these attributes and their importance in the workplace.

How to Establish a Great First Impression

You’re walking into an interview and you want to make a great first impression. After all, getting this interview wasn’t an easy task. You go over last minute preparation in your head, reminding yourself of your firm handshake and taking a few deep breaths to relax.

Introducing My New Plus One

I want to take a minute to describe to you to my plus one: inconvenient, hard, uncomfortable, not fun, and challenging. Sounds like I have a winner, huh? My plus one might sound horrible, but I know it makes me a better person and employee. I don’t want to freak you out.