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Trust and Leadership – How Leaders Can Build and Sustain Trust

When you are a leader, you and your actions (or inactions) are observed, discussed, and often replicated. You are setting the standard for appropriate behavior. Are your actions truly reflecting how you want to be perceived and how you expect your team to perform and interact? Trust is not gained just by simply possessing a

Aureus Group Makes the Forbes List…Again!

Aureus Group has been named by Forbes to its 2018 list of America's Best Professional Recruiting Firms! In 2017, Aureus Group ranked #105 and this year we moved up to #70 of the Best 250 Professional Search Firms nationwide!

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

We are finally closing in on spring weather and during this time of year there are candies shaped like eggs and bunnies filling every shelf of the grocery store. The good news? By the time you read this blog, they will all be on sale so go out and get some cheap candy while it

How to Hire and Retain Self-Motivated Employees

As a Hiring Manager, you know hiring and retaining self-motivated people brings tremendous value. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you probably have at least one or more employees on your team who put forth just enough effort to fly under the radar or are considered borderline performers.

FUN at WORK…Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Warren Buffett & March Madness - $1 Million a Year for Life. Berkshire Hathaway continues to hedge bets with their annual March Madness bracket for employees. Last year a West Virginia factory worker won $100,000 for picking 31 of the tournament's first 32 games.

Looking for that Next Opportunity?

With the snow starting to thaw and spring (hopefully!) right around the corner, many people are ready to gear up their job search again after doing some winter hibernating. Contract staffing, also known as temp or interim staffing, is available for candidates ranging from entry level to C-suite.

A Snowboard Crash and a Life Lesson

I had the opportunity in February to go back to Colorado. A group of friends and I take a trip to the mountains every President’s Day weekend. We hang out, go hiking, and go snowboarding and skiing. The mountains are my favorite place.

Collaboration-What’s in it for me?

The definition of collaboration is “the action of working with someone to produce or create something”. When you collaborate with others your goal is to have a successful result, but hopefully you gain something else. Here are few takeaways you can gain from collaborating with others.

Staffing Pioneer Joins Chamber’s Hall of Fame – Larry J. Courtnage

There are few times in life when you meet someone who will truly impact your life. I will never forget the day I interviewed with Larry Courtnage. On that November day in 1994 I joined his team and he affectionately became "Mr. C". During my first few years, his guidance in the form of "riddles"

Parents: How to Prepare Your Student for a Successful Career

My employer is involved with the innovative Omaha Chamber of Commerce, a dynamic organization impacting lives daily. I have the rare privilege in a week or so via their growing CareerRockit program of speaking to high school students about preparing for their future careers.