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Staffing Pioneer Joins Chamber’s Hall of Fame – Larry J. Courtnage

There are few times in life when you meet someone who will truly impact your life. I will never forget the day I interviewed with Larry Courtnage. On that November day in 1994 I joined his team and he affectionately became "Mr. C". During my first few years, his guidance in the form of "riddles"

Parents: How to Prepare Your Student for a Successful Career

My employer is involved with the innovative Omaha Chamber of Commerce, a dynamic organization impacting lives daily. I have the rare privilege in a week or so via their growing CareerRockit program of speaking to high school students about preparing for their future careers.

How Do Roses, Dates, and Reality TV Compare to The Staffing Industry?

Everyone seems to have at least one television show that he or she views as a guilty pleasure. My TV guilty pleasure is definitely The Bachelor. I am one of the millions of women (and men) who tune in every week to watch one man date more than 20 women at the same time.

Learn From Those Who Are Smarter Than Me

This season seems to always be about change. Through the magic of the "New Year" the calendar flips and we think forward about the better version of ourselves that we want to be. Though I am not a New Year's resolution kind of guy, I love that this idea exists so that people can use

A Reflection on my 30 Years in the Staffing Industry

I had my 30-year anniversary in the recruiting and staffing industry on December 7…yes, Pearl Harbor Day. I've often said that a year in our industry is like seven years in a "normal" business (the very same as dog years compared to people years - you do the math!).

It’s Noisy…Who Will You Listen to in 2018?

As we kick off the New Year, I've been reflecting on the last couple decades. I have experienced two recessions in last 23 years in the dynamic search and staffing industry. Although Aureus Group had a growth year in 2017, it has not been easy.

The “Sweet Spot” of Team Accountability

Working on teams is the way of the world these days with the belief that together we can achieve more. However, this proposition does come with its own set of challenges. The team may not be made up of the right mix of skills and experience or could be understaffed to meet its goals and

Healthcare Executives Group Outlines Top Challenges for 2018

You can't go anywhere without hearing more about challenges of healthcare. From Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and the Wall Street Journal to regional and local business journals the articles and blogs are endless. No matter what side you are on the costs and debacles within our government and between providers, insurance carriers, and consumers are mind

2018 IT Career Outlook: One-Third of IT Pros Plan to Seek New Jobs

You won't find a better article for breaking down the IT employment market than this article. Next year will be exciting with 32 percent of IT pros looking to make a change. And 70-75 percent of the reason for them wanting to make a change is for more money and skills growth.

‘Tis the Season of Giving

Candidate/recruiter relationships are so important during your job search. The closer relationship you have with your recruiter, the quicker and better we are going to be able to help you find your perfect position. I’m lucky enough to work with professionals who have anywhere from six months to 30 years of staffing and recruiting industry