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As I left my weekly networking group meeting I had the chance to reflect on what we discussed for about an hour. This group is made out of professionals who confidentially and very openly discuss events/situations that have occurred in our business lives throughout the week. Protecting names and actual numbers, we talk about different things that may affect our business, community and potentially our personal lives. This has been a great way to not only to get to know each other very closely, but to understand what is it that we do every day, what moves us, what we are passionate about, what successes we enjoyed, and what struggles we may have encountered. I enjoy the fact that one can put a problem on the table and get several different approaches and potentially different solutions. I also find it interesting  that we all come from different backgrounds and can see and slice and dice these issues in about 20 different ways. What may have bogged me down for days, that I may have discussed with co-workers, who are living and breathing my air and seeing it the same as I do, all of a sudden looks so much better. This new solution I never thought about is what I needed to hear.

Today was another “aha” moment. Today I opened up to my group and shared what had been worrying me and as one asked me why I took it so personally, another one said these magnificent three words, ” Let it go!” And this was so powerful! Those three words were exactly what I needed to hear but knowing and understanding that I took this personally because I care about what I do and I truly care about all the people’s lives I touch by doing what I do.

It is important to have passion and love what you do, but it is more important to know your limits and know when to let go. Surround yourself by great professionals and constantly listen for new solutions.

I have this sign up at my desk with the following two sentences: “What do I know to be true?” and “What can I control?”. My sign today changed as I added: “Let it go”.

Nuria Archer, Sales Manager, CPC
Nuria Archer, Sales Manager, CPC

Núria Archer
Núria Archer has been with Aureus Group since 2003 and has over fifteen years of business experience, including a prior career in the accounting field at an international organization, having worked in Spain and the UK. Núria holds a degree in Hotel Business and Tourism Industries from the University of Girona in Spain, where she is originally from.

During her tenure with Aureus Group, Núria has received accolades earning recognition as a Top Performer, “Presidents Club” awardee, Employee of the Quarter, promotion from Account Manager to Sales Manager and most recently transitioned to the Executive Search team running the Healthcare Administration division.  Núria has also earned designation as a Certified Personnel Consultant.

Núria is responsible for the business and internal operations for Direct Hire, Contract Hire, and Project Staffing of professionals at the Executive level within Healthcare Administration. She is an experienced recruiter, who has and continues to match elite candidates with top employers through a very extensive process of recruiting, interviewing, and consulting with professionals in many capacities. She has built a sales team by mentoring, coaching, and developing individuals. Her searches are not only local but across the USA.

In her spare time, Núria is a wife and a mother to a wonderful family.  She enjoys any outdoor activity with them in addition to boating and riding her Harley in the summer or snowmobiling in the winter.  Núria also enjoys traveling as much as she can all year round.


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