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Christmas at the Open Door Mission

Preparing for the holidays, depending on the person, can be either very exciting or very stressful. Between meal planning to gifts and logistics of everything and everyone involved, it can make things really hectic. My question to you is how often during these times (or throughout the year) do you think about volunteering (what little time or money you may have left over) to do something for others? There are many options such as donating new gifts for underprivileged children, ringing bells at stores, or even helping prepare and/or serve meals to the homeless.

ag-xmas-groupEvery year AurElves does just that! (No, we don’t all dress up in elf hats, even though that would make it even more fun!) We get to pick something we want to do as a team to give back to the community. This year we decided to work with The Open Door Mission. We collected new toys, toiletries, and even hats and gloves in our office leading up to the day we went to volunteer. We worked in the “toy factory” as we called it. The warehouse had tons of toys and other things for children of all ages who wouldn’t normally have these things on Christmas.

None of us were really sure what exactly we were in for, but we quickly realized we were going to have a lot of fun! We split up into groups and got 25 of a particular item on the list we were given (my group was given board games for ages 8+). We then set up an assembly line so people could walk through with huge black sacks that we then put one of each thing in. They use black sacks to make sure the children can’t see what is in them since the majority of the time they are with their parents when they are picked up. They also don’t wrap them because they want the parents to give them to their children as if they had purchased them on their own. It is really humbling and eye opening when you give back to your community. You never know what other people are going through, but knowing that we helped make Christmas for 200 children in the Omaha area was just amazing!

ag-xmas-group-2Was this inspiring? Great! There are many things you can do to give back to your community and there are things you can do individually, with people from your work, or even friends or family. If you don’t have a lot of time, there are also many places that you can drop off donations to as well. I encourage everyone to do something to give back to their community, especially this time of year. You don’t have to do much, but sometimes the smallest gestures mean so much to others.

We had a great time working as a team to give back to the community and I look forward to AurElves every year!

Jasmine-Maynor-150x150Jasmine Maynor

Jasmine has been with Aureus Group since March 2014 and is a staffing assistant on the systems team. Jasmine helps with a lot of the behind the scenes work such as reviewing resumes, posting web ads, and adding content to their social media pages. When Jasmine isn’t working, she likes to spend time with her husband, PJ, and her daughters, Allie and Skylar. She also enjoys cooking, crafting, playing softball and volleyball, and going to Texas to visit family and friends.


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