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What Will We See in Our Workplaces in 2017?

Every year our customers and candidates ask for our perspective on emerging trends we have seen in our local, regional, and national markets. There are definitely some common threads emerging. The trends I’m noticing are based on hundreds of conversations with executives in all industries, national affiliates, think tanks, and trade associations. I believe the continued war for talent, the underemployed, and the workforce demographics have created the following themes:

  • Focus on the employment experience for candidates. Candidates want a quicker, easier way to apply and get feedback. The Employer Branding buzz has been very noisy. Social media, specifically Glassdoor.com has given an avenue for candidates to share their experiences online. It’s a double edged communication vehicle. When employers don’t notify candidates of their application status, they are discouraged from ever applying for another job at that company again, which limits their future talent pool. Furthermore, a bad candidate experience can turn away customers who may be your candidates, thus resulting in a loss of potential revenue.
  • Contingent workforce is on the rise. The contingent workforce includes the following buckets: temporary workforce, consultants (1099 contractors), “freelancing”, and staff augmentation for projects work. Whatever these professionals choose to call themselves, the majority of organizations already have a blended workforce. These hiring on-demand options give companies flexibility, innovative ways to solve key problems, and cost savings by removing healthcare and benefit costs.
  • Generations continue to collide and organizations are restructuring to focus on team over individual performance. The Millennial and Generation Z workers grew up playing team sports with multiple winners and they have the same expectations at the office. Creating team spaces and aligning with customers in order to become more agile and increase customer satisfaction as well as retention is the team goal.
  • Wellness programs and creative benefits were not a flavor of the month. Employers really care about stress levels and are creating healthier environments. The objectives are to improve the employer/employee relationships, to lower absenteeism, to attract top talent, and to save on health care costs. The Healthcare Savings Accounts (HSA) vs. the traditional PPO plans are becoming more and more popular. Employers are being creative with employee benefit packages and perks.

Despite the industry or size of company, the one thing that remains consistent is that people succeed or fail in positions due to culture fit. Matching culture as well as competencies and career aspirations with career paths is an art and a science. Our thorough process and flexible staffing solutions and career options will continue to help people and companies achieve their goals in 2017 and beyond! We love what we do!

Chris-Carlson-150x150Chris Carlson, Managing Director

Chris is an experienced executive in the staffing industry. She has developed operational analyses, implemented programs /compensation plans, and has assisted hundreds of firms streamline processes and upgrade the competencies of their workforce. Finding innovative ways to generate new business, isolate top talent, and build teams is her passion. She has designed and executed many successful strategic marketing /recruiting plans and promotions. Chris began her career at Aureus Group, a full-service professional recruiting firm, in 1994 and currently serves as the Managing Director of Aureus Group specializing in the Finance and Accounting, Information Systems, and Executive Leadership roles in all industries including; Healthcare Administration, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Commercial Services, and Manufacturing. In addition, Chris is a Certified Professional Consultant, and has an Executive Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

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