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Candidates Please READ the Job Description! The Recruiter for the Role Is Your Friend

As a seasoned recruiter, I have placed professionals in many areas – IT, medical, executive, accounting, and finance. And recruiting is recruiting. In all of those disciplines, a recruiter needs to have a relationship with the hiring manager to truly know what they are looking for in a candidate. Recruiters know team dynamics, cultural fit, geography, personality type, and more. The ”product” that a recruiter deals with is people and everyone is different. There is so much more to finding a good fit than what is on the job description.

But at its core, the job description is the foundation of what a hiring manager is looking for. It’s that simple and it applies across all disciplines of hiring.

1)    A CPA firm is looking to hire a Certified Public Accountant and the candidate must have the certification. If the candidate does not, they’re most likely not going to hear back from the company they applied to or the agency doing the search.

2)    A company is looking to hire a manager-level person. They are requiring the candidates to have experience of having direct reports. If the candidate does not have that, they are going to pass.

3)    An IT company is looking to hire an IT Manager with previous “hands-on experience” with a certain type of technology. If the candidate doesn’t have this technology experience, well then unfortunately they will probably pass.

4)    A company states they will not sponsor a non U.S. citizen, green card candidates, or accept third party candidates. That means they can’t sponsor or take third party candidates.

The list could go on and on but every recruiter in every niche out there will tell you that they deal with this all day long. Every time a recruiter opens a job requisition, the vast amount of candidates who apply are not a fit for it. Then they have to reject huge amounts of candidates, and no recruiter I have ever met enjoys that.

For those candidates out there who have been told to “apply for everything” or “just take a shot at it”, you have been coached wrong. That simply wastes your time and a recruiter’s time. I certainly get the concept to train up and learn on the job, but for the most part companies just don’t have the luxury to take a chance on an unknown person hoping they work out. Their team of 15 ten years ago is now a team of six and they need someone who will hit the ground running. You are far better off getting a job at a company that is a match for skill set and building within that company.

I often read on social media and other outlets how candidates say recruiters never get back to them. Unfortunately, no recruiter has time to go through all their job orders and call all the candidates they are rejecting. If they did that they would never place anyone.

I know my thoughts can seem a little mundane and come across as maybe harsh to some but PLEASE understand that the vast majority of recruiters are in this because they love helping people. I mean this isn’t about helping someone get a spinner for their kids or concert tickets. We are changing people’s lives, trying to do our best to help candidates with options that affect feeding their families.

The best thing a candidate can do is engage with a recruiter so that they can become your consultant, advocate, and your friend. They can and want to help you – whether it be in the form of training, knowing certain companies that are great for up and comers, or knowing certain managers who may not officially have an opening but are always looking for someone like you.

Mark Svoboda

Mark has been in the staffing industry since 2011 recruiting in IT, medical, executive, accounting, and finance, as well as operations. Currently, he is employed as an account manager with the Systems & Technology division in Aureus Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. Mark assists companies in hiring IT/IS personnel through contract, Match Hire®, direct hire, or retained search staff. When he’s not working, Mark enjoys swimming, golfing, volunteering at his church, and spending time with friends and family. Not to mention cheering on the Nebraska Cornhuskers as a native of Omaha, NE.



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