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Great Advice from an Executive Resume Writer

Are you an executive who is getting ready to embrace your next career challenge? Or have you targeted specific employers and want to set yourself apart from every other candidate? Perhaps you’re not getting the needed traction on your current resume and you feel it’s time to look at your skill set through fresh eyes and give your resume a face lift.

Adrienne Tom provides critical guidance on viewing your resume document not as an opportunity to display every aspect of your work experience, but as a glimpse of your unique achievements to be viewed through the eyes of a prospective employer. Check out this article for three simple tips to guide you toward getting your accomplishments read.

Brenda Adams

Brenda is an energetic professional who combines her broad sales/marketing/management experience into bringing top talent to top employers across the US. In her role as Executive Recruiter for Aureus Group, she considers herself a matchmaker of sorts and is driven to build a relationship so deep that she instantly senses the perfect candidate for a company match. Her years of experience as a hiring manager gives her particular insight into the challenges that her clients face with staffing. Her human capital/talent management experience provides exceptional insight into employee engagement and the importance of a perfect job fit for lasting whole-life satisfaction. Brenda is excited to leverage her years of experience to your benefit and make life easier for both job-seekers and employers.


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