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The IT staffing industry has been on an upward trajectory since early 2017, and although that growth tends to fluctuate in pace the next year is poised to deliver a lot of opportunities to go around for talent, clients, and Aureus Group. In Omaha, there is still tremendous scarcity when it comes to IT talent of all levels and skill sets. Our growth has been driven by a slow and gradual increase in the comfort level of talented individuals to leave their current employment situation for better company cultures, technology exposure, and compensation. We have seen these cycles before and we know that as the economy continues to stabilize and grow, the number of talented IT professionals who make a change will grow as well.

Although many candidates still seek to leave one full-time permanent position for another, a sign there is still some uncertainty in what the future holds, more and more are willing to use staff augmentation contract scenarios to identify their next long-term employment home. Working with Aureus Group has provided them some structure and assurances they can navigate the marketplace with few worries of a poor outcome. There are even some who take a more bold route of incorporating themselves and subcontracting through our company to land assignments with our clients. By taking on a little more of the risk, they gain access to more of the rewards. They are driving their careers in new and exciting ways!

There have been some unique market forces, such as the layoffs by a few of our the larger employers in Omaha, but for the most part the IT employees at these companies impacted have secured new opportunities within weeks if not days. Even less technical roles such as project management and business analysts are absorbed quickly by IT organizations sitting on a backlog of projects that are mission critical.

If you have recently joined Aureus Group, congratulations on successfully advancing your career goals.

Bruce Peterson

Bruce is the Regional Manager for Aureus Group and has been in the information technology field for 25 years. As a graduate of Iowa State University with a BBA in management and information systems, Bruce began his career as a programmer for Mutual of Omaha. For the past 19 years he has been a leader in the IT staffing and consulting business in Nebraska and the Midwest. He has been in various leadership roles ranging from talent recruitment and sales to human resources and operational management.  At Aureus Group he leads the information systems and technology team, which is highly skilled in providing top talent to their clients under staff augmentation consulting or direct hire placement services.

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