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Have you been looking and looking and looking, and still can’t find the right job for you? That’s a hard place to be. Searching for jobs is tough. It is a full time job in and of itself. Here are some ways working with a recruiter at Aureus Group can help you in your search.

We offer the following career options based on your goals:

  • Contract – We can place candidates for a short or long period of time. This type of employment seems scary or undesirable. That is understandable; however, there are some perks to contract work.- If you’re out of a job, contract work can help fill employment gaps. Right now the candidates who are getting jobs already have jobs. It’s better to keep your skills polished and unemployment gaps minimal, and contract employment can help with that.

    – Contract is also a great option if you want to help companies on a consulting basis. We have had many clients who feel they have done what they can in their career and don’t want to keep climbing the ladder, so they utilize the skills they currently have to help other companies.

    – Contact employment is awesome if you’re looking for a more flexible schedule. If you only do contract/consulting work, you can pick and choose assignments. You may work on one assignment for eight months, and then go a long vacation. It’s also potential to have back to back assignments.

  • Match-Hire® – This is an excellent opportunity for you to make sure the company you’re at is right for you. You will work for Aureus Group (like a contractor) for a contracted period of time. Once the minimum hours required are met, you’re happy there, and the client is happy with you, then you can roll over to the company’s payroll to be their employee. It’s possible to be hired on before the hours are met, or for you to leave before if you decide it’s not the right job or place for you.
  • Direct Hire -This type of employment is where you’ll be placed by Aureus Group to work directly for the company.

Why Aureus Group?

  • At Aureus Group, giving you the best experience is our number one priority. We take the time to get to know our clients and the jobs they have open so that we can try to find the best fit for you! We ask about culture, job responsibilities, pay, opportunity, etc.
  • We also want to get to know you! We love to market our candidates to companies and hiring managers we know well. To do that to our best ability, we want to know you, your work history, where you fit best, and why you’re looking. Our process is thorough, but that is for your benefit.
  • Aureus Group was recently ranked #105 on Forbes list of the 2017 Top 250 Professional Recruiting Firms in America.
  • We are a part of C&A Industries, which is head quartered in Omaha, NE and is named as the 28th largest staffing firm in the nation in 2017 by Staffing Industry Analysts.
  • We want to be more than just a placement service for you. We want to be there to help in any or all ways of your job search. At Aureus Group, we’ll go over your resume with you to offer tips and pointers, we’ll help you prepare and practice for interviews, and we’ll provide any feedback we can from employers so that you can continue to grow and improve.
  • We are here to answer any of your questions. We promise to be candid, respectful of your decisions, desires, and wishes, and offer any advice and opinions we can along the way. We want to provide you with an experience that makes your job search enjoyable and less stressful.

Chelsea Liska

Chelsea has been with Aureus Group since September 2011, and currently is a Senior Recruiter for the Iowa and Kansas City markets. Chelsea helps train, mentor, and coach new recruiters. She gets to do what she loves every day by helping to develop and build colleagues. Chelsea also gets to be a part of top notch finance and accounting candidates’ career decisions and moves. She loves when she is able to use her skills to help someone and give them an amazing experience in their career search. Every day Chelsea gets to be a part of a company that is building into her so that she can build into others. When she isn’t working, she is active in her church. Chelsea loves being active and playing volleyball, golf, working out, and hanging out with her friends and family. Binge watching her favorite shows is definitely a notable skill! She is personally and professionally committed to being an “Energy Ambassador!”



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