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IT Jobs Forecasted to Grow Double-Digits over 10-Year Period

When it comes to forecasting the future health of IT occupations you can ask your handy dandy magic 8-ball like I did recently and you would surely get the same answer I received which was “Outlook good.” Just to be sure I asked twice and the second time I received the answer, “Without a doubt.” Not convinced? Try this report from our trusted friends at Staffing Industry Analysts. Application developers…beware the future is so bright you might want to wear shades!

Bruce Peterson

Bruce is the Regional Manager for Aureus Group and has been in the information technology field for 25 years. As a graduate of Iowa State University with a BBA in management and information systems, Bruce began his career as a programmer for Mutual of Omaha. For the past 19 years he has been a leader in the IT staffing and consulting business in Nebraska and the Midwest. He has been in various leadership roles ranging from talent recruitment and sales to human resources and operational management.  At Aureus Group he leads the information systems and technology team, which is highly skilled in providing top talent to their clients under staff augmentation consulting or direct hire placement services.


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