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How Do Roses, Dates, and Reality TV Compare to The Staffing Industry?

Everyone seems to have at least one television show that he or she views as a guilty pleasure. My TV guilty pleasure is definitely The Bachelor. I am one of the millions of women (and men) who tune in every week to watch one man date more than 20 women at the same time. While thinking about this show and the strange appeal that it has on the masses, I could not help but think about the similarities it has to the staffing industry.

I know this may sound crazy, but hear me out.

The Bachelor

The bachelor represents clients who are looking for the perfect match. Every bachelor who has been on the show has had their own taste in what they are looking for and clients are the same way. Clients will look at a candidates years’ of experience while the bachelor looks at their age (not always a factor). Clients are looking for someone who will be a good culture fit and the bachelor is looking for someone who will get along with his family. A client is looking for someone who is confident in their skills and ability to get the job done, while the bachelor is also looking for someone who is confident with who they are. Are they ready to make a commitment? These are all similarities that the bachelor and clients have in common.

The Women

The multiple women represent candidates who are all vying for a rose, I mean a job. The women and candidates also have their set of requirements they would like to have in a man or their future employer. They are looking for stability, someone who can take care of them, someone he or she can be proud to be with, as well as someone who fits well in their life. The major difference between the bachelor (client) and the women (candidates) is that there is only one man (or opportunity) and a whole lot of women. The women/candidates really have to up their game to stand out.

The Dates

If you have never seen The Bachelor and don’t know how the show works, each week the bachelor goes on dates with the women of his choice. These dates represent the interviews. However, not all dates (interviews) are created equal. While some women will go on a helicopter ride around an island (the grand tour of the office during the interview) other dates can consist of going to the forest and eating bugs (an interview cut short because it was not quite working out). The women/candidates will go on multiple dates/interviews before the bachelor/client has narrowed it down to only two women/candidates. A decision will be made and then Chris Harrison will come out and say, “Ladies, this is the final rose tonight.”

The Final Rose

It all comes down to the grand finale; the final rose, or in the staffing industry, the offer. This is the moment that both the bachelor and one lucky woman have been waiting for! In the finale of the show, the bachelor makes his final pick and chooses one of the women and proposes. In the same way, the client will propose a job offer to the candidate whom they think will be the best fit for their organization. Once an offer is accepted the bachelor/client and the woman/candidate begin the hard work needed to make the relationship work.

To all of the candidates out there who feel like they are on an episode of The Bachelor but can’t seem to receive the final rose, do not lose hope! There is a position out there that is a perfect fit for you. The other similarity that I did not mention is how the women got on the show in the first place. How did they land an opportunity to date the bachelor? They had to be submitted by a friend or family member. The friend or family member represents staffing agencies. A staffing agency gives you a better chance to be seen by the hiring manager, and at Aureus Group, we would love to give you that opportunity. Give us a call today and we will do our best to find a job that is a good fit for you and help you be the one receiving the final rose.

Morgan Teckmeyer

Morgan has been with Aureus Group since September 2016 and currently serves as a staffing assistant for the Information Systems & Technology team. She helps her team with behind the scenes work such as reviewing resumes, checking references, and creating content for social media pages. Morgan has a bachelor’s degree in organizational and strategic communication from Southwest Baptist University. While attending SBU, she competed on the women’s basketball team for four years. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time her husband, Grant, or hanging out with her family. She also enjoys crafting, watching sports, and going to visit her friends in Missouri.




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