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With the snow starting to thaw and spring (hopefully!) right around the corner, many people are ready to  gear up their job search again after doing some winter hibernating. Contract staffing, also known as temp or interim staffing, is available for candidates ranging from entry level to C-suite. There are many benefits to accepting a contract role during your job search that can have a very positive outcome and help you further your career, expand your resume, and ultimately help you find your next position!

Aureus Group offers (and pays for a portion of) contract employee benefits. Because of this, there is higher retention on long-term projects. The employee has benefits and won’t necessarily jump ship for a permanent position mid-project and the company and the client both benefit from that! I’ve had contractors work on projects for four and five years and benefits were a huge factor in seeing it through. If you are a contractor with Aureus Group, you are eligible! Benefits include medical, dental, life insurance, and even 401k! Contract employees are also able to earn paid holidays and PTO.

Contracting opportunities are an excellent networking opportunity. Companies utilize all levels of contract employees on projects and you never know who you may be working with. You have the opportunity to get to know other professionals in your field and work side by side to show them what you are capable of. This could lead to future opportunities down the road. A fellow contractor now could be a future hiring manager looking to build their team in the future, and they will remember the work you did which gives you the advantage. I have seen this happen over and over… a positive working relationship develops over the contract assignment and carries over to other projects or even other companies. It also never hurts to add to your network and have others in your niche to bounce ideas off of and share expertise.

 Resume Building
Contract employment can help you build your resume and avoid large gaps in employment. One of the questions I often get asked by hiring managers is what have they been doing since their last position ended? These interim opportunities can give you the chance to keep your resume and your skills current and make you more marketable for the permanent position you are ultimately after. It helps avoid large gaps on your resume while you are job seeking. It also may offer the chance to add a different industry, skill set, or software package to your resume as well. All of this keeps you relevant in your job search and adds value.

Contracting is great for people looking for flexibility, both clients and candidates. A company can hire additional contract employees as the workload increases or if someone is going to be out of the office. The contract employee is also afforded some additional flexibility and can take time off to go interview for a permanent role as needed. With communication and planning, both sides are able to successfully meet the end goal and offer the flexibility that so many are looking for.

 Job Opportunity
Contract opportunities can lead to full time employment! Many of our clients prefer to do a contract opportunity to cover an immediate need while they conduct interviews for the full time role. As a contractor, you have an opportunity to do a ‘working interview’ 40 hours a week to showcase your skill set and ultimately help them see their future employee (YOU!) has been there all along. More times than not, if a candidate is working in a contract role they are given the chance to interview for that position in a permanent capacity. This also gives both the client and the company a chance to see how this person fits into their team, culture, and working environment first hand.

In my decade plus years in the staffing world, I have seen so many positive outcomes and success stories come from contract staffing. If you are in the job market, I would highly recommend doing some research on contract options and see if one is right for you. You never know where it will take you and it could be the foot in the door you are looking for!

Lisa Waite
Lisa has been with Aureus Group since April 2007 and is a Senior Account Manager for the Omaha market. Lisa specializes in contract/temporary staffing and enjoys helping her clients meet their goals on projects and interim needs. She has more than 10 years of experience in the staffing industry within finance and accounting and loves working with her clients to learn about what type of person would best fit their team. One of her favorite things is building relationships with clients and candidates and watching them progress in their careers. An Omaha native, Lisa also enjoys spending time with her husband and two cairn terriers, running marathons, and traveling to explore new places.

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