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Facing the “Ghosts” in Hiring

The last few weeks we have all been surrounded by leaves changing colors, cool temperatures, and the spooky sights of Halloween. Along with the signs of the season, there has been a lot of conversation recently about “ghosting.” It is a hot topic on recruiting blogs and it happens with candidates as well as with companies.

As I reflect on the increasing amount of times I hear of this happening and see more conversations about it on social media, my mind can only go to kindness and consideration. In such a fast paced world where our communication can get distant and transactional, we all need to consider the people behind the interactions. For example, a company offering an opportunity that someone judges prior to an interview and then decides to skip the interview may leave an amazing hiring official (who could potentially be the candidate’s next mentor) ghosted and wondering where they are. Or another scenario is a candidate who has had six interviews and invested a huge amount of time with no guarantee of a job never hears back and feels hurt and confused. This could be the candidate who is not the right fit now, but may have amazing skills to move the company forward on a new initiative later on, however they won’t answer the call in the future because they were “ghosted.” All of this can be resolved with kindness and communication. Don’t be afraid to talk to people – none of us are too busy to have a conversation! It is okay to not be interested and say so…just make sure to pick up the phone and be respectful of people’s time. Let’s leave the ghosting to Halloween and all make an effort to make each other’s lives better.

“If you can be kind and considerate for one day, then you can be for another. It won’t cost you a penny in the world. Begin today.” – Dale Carnegie

Monya DeBoer

Monya joined Aureus Group as an Account Manager in 2018 after working as a Senior Executive Recruiter in banking. She has also worked on an internal Talent Acquisition team, served as a Director of Human Resources, and has been a business owner for 12 years. Her combined experience provides a robust understanding of organizational goals, corporate structure, and the intricacies of team dynamics.

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