A Leader’s 2019 New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are rarely ‘new,’ whether it’s weight loss, going to the gym, getting more exercise…it is likely areas that we know we should have been doing the entire time, yet did not find the time, other priorities took precedence, or we find ourselves exhausted from other people’s problems and demands. Consider these three simple New Year’s resolutions that will immediately lead to a better New Year!

  1. Be Accessible and Visible in Your Organization.
    In many organizations, senior leadership is invisible and seen only when there are problems. Do a communication analysis and find out whether you are meeting the needs of your team and staff. Regular staff meetings, town hall meetings, rounding, Q&As with small groups to generate meaningful talk, and regular communication on your intranet will help. Be the person who people know by your first name when you walk the halls and get to know their names.
  2. Create a Positive Work Environment.
    When your day is more focused on what is wrong than what is right, change it up and spend more time on the positive! Yes, issues must be addressed, yet take time every day to say ‘thank you,’ and recognize people for their contributions. Be the person that others want to be. Most importantly, the design of your work environment, whether it leans toward positivity or negativity, ultimately determines who you will retain and who you will be able to recruit. A negative work environment attracts ‘negative’ people and in the process you will lose your ‘positive’ people.
  3. Communicate the Mission, Practice your “Core Values”, and Believe in Quality.
    Top performers seek opportunities to work with organizations where everyone shares the same mission, where top leaders actually practice the core values, and where quality is more than words… it is a practice. With today’s low unemployment rate, it is an ‘employee’s market.’ Top performers can be wooed away if chaos and negativity reigns and often choose to ‘fly below the radar’ while looking for their next job because they can. Eliminate chaos by getting everyone on board explaining what is important and what’s in it for them. Give people the opportunity to ask questions to gain their buy-in and, if needed, make the tough decision to move them out. The executive team who shares in the same compelling mission, faithfully practices the core values, and believes in embedding quality into everything they do will set the stage where top performers want to stay.

Practice these resolutions and your top performers will be the messengers of goodwill for your organization! Have a wonderful New Year and 2019!

Linn DavidsonLinn Davidson
With more than 20 years of experience, Linn has held HR administrator roles and served as the top human resource executive for healthcare, insurance, federal contracting, and higher education organizations. She has held responsibility for human resources including recruitment and selection, performance management, employee relations, compensation/incentive plans, EEO/affirmative action, as well as employee benefits, learning and development, and facilitation of strategic planning processes. As a result of her C-Suite experience and consulting roles, she has developed a unique ability to listen to, understand, and relate to your executive and director-level staffing needs, develop strategic staffing plans to secure passive top talent, or recruit and select for hard-to-fill roles. She is dedicated to serving clients with the highest standards through exceptional customer service. With a B.S. in Business Administration and an Executive Masters of Business Administration from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Linn can supply the tools and resources necessary to understand your business needs and to help you make informed decisions to select top talent from among the best and brightest recruits.



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