A Sea of Green: Aureus Group Bags Take Over at HDC

It was pretty hard to miss the sea of neon green Aureus Group bags that began to fill the Qwest Center for Omaha’s Heartland Developer’s Conference last week with the region’s top developers attached at the wrist. All in attendance got a bag, including our fellow sponsors and associates in the marketplace. Those who stopped by our booth got candy bars, earphones, pens, and the understanding of what Aureus Group is all about: staff augmentation. As usual, the event was a great opportunity for us to build on our existing relationships and to meet some of you for the very first time.

A snapshot of our booth at HDC before the Conference officially started.
A snapshot of our booth at HDC before the Conference officially started.

Every October, Aureus Group looks forward to HDC as an opportunity to learn more about the technologies we are recruiting for and to network with our clients, candidates, and future customers.  HDC is a great opportunity to network with your peers, stay up on the market, sharpen your skill sets, and pair a voice with tweets, blogs, and Facebook wall posts. This year’s event included 68 different sessions from which to choose and four keynote speakers, covering topics ranging from creating iPhone applications to using Flex 4 and WCF to working with Twitter.  Each day, developers had the opportunity to attend 10 different sessions of their choice, and, of course, attend after-parties at The Slowdown and The Mattress Factory in downtown Omaha.  After a jam-packed day at the conference, these were nice opportunities to relax, unwind, and network. 

Aureus Group was very excited about our raffle prize drawing this year. In years past we have given away $100 gift cards, but this year, we upped the ante and partnered with our affiliate company AurTravel (www.aurtravel.com) who donated a $500 travel voucher. Instead of buying a new keyboard or flash drive, our lucky winner will get to enjoy a $500 vacation package voucher to enjoy at the destination of their choice. We gave everybody the opportunity to register at least once, but those gifted enough to sink three clutch putts at the booth were given an extra entry into the raffle. We will be surprising our winner in the coming days and then posting the information on our Facebook fan site . . . be sure to check the site to see who won.

Thanks so much to everyone for your attendance and participation at our booth. We strive to continue our existingrelationships and build on our new contacts we made this year at HDC09.


About the Authors:

Julie Pentis is a recruiter with the Aureus Group Systems division and has been with the company since 2006. She graduated from Creighton University with a BSBA in Human Resources and Spanish. In 2007 she earned the designation of Certified Personnel Consultant, and will be finished with her master’s degree in management in November 2009.

Gabe Romero has been with Aureus Group, a division of C&A Industries, for more than six years and has eleven years of business experience, including national and international sales management and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Currently the branch manager for the Aureus Group Systems division overseeing our Midwest region, Gabe has earned the designation as a Certified Personnel Consultant and a Certified Internet Recruiter.


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