Adapting to Change

Last year, I wrote a blog about the major life change I had in 2019 – the birth of my first child, Emelia. Since that blog, my life has been ever changing. Every new stage that Emelia goes through brings on another change in our lives. But at the same time, some things are largely the same. For instance, I still don’t get any sleep (it’s truly amazing how little you actually need to function) and this time last year I was also at home and not leaving my house, but for very different reasons.

Anyway, through all the change this past year has brought, I’ve had to learn many lessons along the way and I think a lot of them are not only applicable to life as a parent, but also to life as an employee.

  1. You are only in control of yourself. I went into parenting thinking I would be a little bit more in control than what I actually am. I thought, “Oh my baby will be on a schedule and will eat and sleep when I need her to,” or “hey, by the time my baby is one she will be sleeping through the night!” Well, neither of those examples are true. Unfortunately, at work, I have very little control over outside factors as well.
  2. Be adaptable. This is something I struggle with. I can be pretty set in my ways, and when something changes or goes wrong it’s hard for me not to get caught up in it and push forward. But as a mom, I’ve had to. I’ve had to adapt to a screaming baby in public and now a toddler who is picky about her food. This past year of work has also been full of change that has tested my ability to be adaptable. I’ve had to adapt to being a working mom, I’ve had to adapt to internal changes within the organization, new teammates…you name it, the list goes on.
  3. You can plan, but count on those plans changing. I’ve learned there are very few plans you can actually count on with a baby. Twice in this past year I made plans to take the day off, take Emelia to daycare, and go visit friends out of state for the day. Both times, BOTH TIMES, Emelia woke up with a fever making me unable to take her to daycare and subsequently having to cancel my trips. Now, this is a pretty superficial example, but our plans are a lot of times disrupted at work, too. My teammates and I send each other our daily plan, every day. Do you know how many times we’ve all been able to follow that plan to a T? I can tell you, it’s not many. Wrenches get thrown into our personal and professional lives all the time and all you can do is learn to roll with the punches. 

Overall, being a mom has taught me more lessons than I could ever actually think of. It’s been the best, and hardest, year of my life and right now more than ever these lessons are ringing true to me due to the state of our world. And to all you working parents out there, especially those of you who are trying to provide for your family in uncertain times or are trying to balance working with homeschooling your kids, you’re doing an amazing job. 

Casey Simon

Casey Simon
Casey has been with Aureus Group since November of 2016 and currently recruits for the accounting and finance team, working the Des Moines market. She has nearly five years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry and holds a bachelor’s degree in speech communication from Iowa State University. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her husband, her daughter, and their two dogs.

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