Appreciate the Little Things in Life

Recently I had the opportunity to take my mother to Estes Park, Colorado as a birthday gift – and we brought along my four-year-old son. My son handled the airport like a boss, pulling his little backpack behind him through all the checkpoints. He was full of excitement as the plane took off. A big smile from ear to ear, experiencing something that many of us have done over and over and don’t think twice about.

eAfter our plane landed we began our drive from Denver to Estes Park. As the mountains got closer and larger, I peeked back to see my son’s eyes gazing out the window, lost in the wonder. The next several days taught me more than I ever could have predicted. We became the best rock hunters in the world. We examined every color, shape, and sparkle there was. It never got any less exciting for my son. We followed animal tracks, had picnics, climbed mountains, and took in the sights, sounds, and smells. We saw bear, elk, deer, marmots, and even a moose! We built campfires, roasted rocksmarshmallows, hiked, and went boating.

Experiencing this trip through my son’s eyes helped me appreciate every single little thing that I may have otherwise taken for granted. I saw that no matter how many times we picked up a rock, went to find the moose, spotted another animal track, or stopped to take in the views at the top of the mountain….he did it with such joy and excitement that only a child can understand. I learned cloudsthat all of the little things are big things.

I started thinking about our trip coming to an end and going back to work. While I was having an amazing time in Estes Park, I realized how grateful I am for all of the “little things” in my life – and with my career. C&A Industries really invests in its employees. We are offered professional development, quick training sessions on different topics, surprise “Take Five” ice cream breaks, fun company-sponsored events, and the opportunity to be the best that we can be every day.

So now I want to challenge you. Take the time to see the sparkles, smell the flowers, and listen to the water rush by. Experience life through a child’s eyes just once. In your career, can you come up with a list of five things that you love or appreciate about your position? If you can’t find even little things to appreciate, have you considered that you may not be in the right career? Take the time to explore your options – you never know what else is out there for you.

Julie-Wesely-150x150Julie Wesely

Julie joined the Aureus Group Systems team in 2012. As a technical recruiter for our information systems team, she is responsible for sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates for contract and direct hire job opportunities with our client companies within the Iowa market. Prior to Aureus Group, Julie spent seven years in internal recruiting for a company in Omaha, NE.

Julie works with multiple professionals such as desktop and web developers, BI analysts and managers, and architects. She truly has an interest in her candidates and in the staffing industry. She spends time with each candidate to understand their career goals and guides them through the next steps in their career path. Julie works hard for her candidates, taking the time to learn and understand the positions that she recruits for, which helps ensure that she is matching the right candidate with the perfect job.

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