Aureus Group Announces Q4 Employee of the Quarter

It’s been proven time and time again that engagement results in increased productivity, happy employees, and satisfied customers. Leaders and managers need to embrace new ideas and be sure communication with employees is clear. As a result, every employee will hopefully understand how his/her role impacts the bottom line and helps achieve the company’s goals. While many factors contribute to overall employee engagement, I believe a key element to engagement is recognition.

Recognition takes on many forms from the informal, “Good job”, after a completed project, to the formal Employee of the Year prizes awarded at company-wide events.  Each has a specific place in the recognition spectrum of importance and is a win-win for companies and employees alike.

Aureus Group is honored to have some of the region’s most talented professionals working for us sharing in the company’s mission of being a staffing provider of choice. C&A, parent company of Aureus Group, recently announced the company’s four Q4 Employees of the Quarter, selected by their peers and based on several key criteria. I’m proud to announce that Aureus Group’s very own Linda Aughenbaugh earned this top honor for the Commercial / Professional Staffing Divisions category.

Linda Aughenbaugh, Aureus Group Account Manager, was named one of four C&A Industries' Q4 Employees of the Quarter
Linda Aughenbaugh, Aureus Group Account Manager, was named one of four C&A Industries' Q4 Employees of the Quarter

Here are some of the comments from Linda’s nomination forms: “Linda has been with our Aureus Group team just about six months. In this time Linda has done everything asked of her and more. She brings an over-the-top positive attitude and a tremendous amount of energy and passion to the job. She has been in the industry for more than 20 years and yet never once has she acted like any job or learning opportunity is beneath her. Linda is a terrific mentor and is always more than willing to fill in wherever needed. Linda burns up the phone line every day, always focused on her goals. She talks to her clients and candidates with such enthusiasm and passion it’s no wonder she’s doing so well – they can’t help but want to work with her! What a great example Linda sets for our group and the organization.”

Not only do I want to congratulate Linda on a job well done, I want to challenge all employers to find ways to recognize their top employees for their contributions.  Our employees are the life line of our companies and now more than ever we need to share our appreciation with them for all they do for us.

Stay tuned . . . our next newsletter will discuss the top 5 motivators top talent candidates provide us when asked why they want to leave their current roles and their criteria in selecting new employers.

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