Aureus Group Q1 Employee of the Quarter

Each quarter Aureus Group asks who in our team is making the most difference and focusing on activities that will help us meet our goals. We look to see who our MVP is and who is going above and beyond.

Using the criteria below, the Employee of the Quarter is voted on by the entire Aureus Group staff:

  • Positive communication with other team members
  • Consistent professionalism (appearance and communication to our internal/external customers)
  • Obvious focus on the major responsibilities of his/her role on the team
  • Execution of production goals
  • Dedication and dependability to our teams’ mission
  • Strong commitment to our policies and procedures

Q1 Aureus Group Employee of the Quarter, Jeff Kovar, Recruiter
Q1 Aureus Group Employee of the Quarter, Jeff Kovar, Recruiter

Aureus Group has voted Jeff Kovar the Q1 Employee of the Quarter.


Here’s what the team has to say about Jeff:

Jeff Kovar is willing to do whatever it takes to help his team be successful. He researches industries and develops innovative recruiting strategies ensuring we have the best talent available. He understands the firm with the best candidates wins. His commitment to constant and never-ending improvement is refreshing. He tries to hone his skills everyday and it shows in his candidates’ satisfaction levels and on the money board. He earned team status and quarter bonus in Period 2 alone.”

“Ultimately the Employee of the Quarter is decided using multiple factors and not exclusively on GM [Gross Margin].  That said, Jeff has done an outstanding job over the last quarter putting a lot of GM up on the board, and has done so through hard work and effort.  Jeff is a team player who is always happy to share and secrets or new tricks of the trade he has picked up along the way.”

Jeff is a true recruiter. He knows the markets well and where the good candidates are and where they want to be, and he has a knack for getting hard-to-find talent. He also has outstanding online search tricks.”

Jeff has really grown professionally in his 1 1/2 years with us.  The diversity in recruiting he has shown jumping from banking to actuaries to accountants sometimes within the same day has been very impressive. His hard work has also recently paid off in his production this quarter qualifying him for his first quarterly bonus and making team status!” 

“What more can you ask of a recruiter? Jeff continuously fills the candidate funnel with the best talent in the market and even closes deals when given an opportunity. Moreover, Jeff is easily one of the most likable people I know and adds to a great work environment on his team. Congratulations to Jeff on a tremendous quarter!”

 “I would use a phrase to describe Jeff that he uses on great candidates he finds for us…’Plays the guitar with his teeth.’”  That’s Jeff’s fun way of saying, ‘Rock star, you need to present this guy today,’ and that’s what I think of Jeff. Jeff has helped us find very niche and hard-to-find folks who have really made a positive impact on our client relationships. He is very versatile and flexible and great at working effectively with all of the different styles and functional areas in our team. We love Jeff, and could likely only improve on him by making a copy of him.”

“I would like to nominate Jeff Kovar for employee of the quarter. What can I say about Jeff? He works hard, very hard, maaan, he is always on the phone, but here’s the kick, he always has a smile on his face, a joke or a laugh for everybody! He makes his job look simple and the results are great!”

“My vote goes to Jeff Kovar! Jeff demonstrates all the qualities I want in a teammate. He works smart and hard and always brings a positive attitude to work each day. He’s so approachable and always willing to share his knowledge with other teammates. For example, I’ve gone to Jeff for advice on performing specific LinkedIn searches and he always provides me with great suggestions and will take time out of his busy schedule to show me specifically how to put together various queries. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Jeff and believe he has a great, successful career ahead of him at Aureus Group! He’s earned every bit of the success he’s achieved thus far!”

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