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The Culture Fit Challenge

The information technology job market has been challenging in recent years due to some traditional hiring norms changing. There are plenty of variables we have seen before that come and go in cycles such as high demand or scarcity of available talent.

8 Jobs Every Company will be Hiring for by 2020

Information technology will continue to drive the transformation of our workforce. Not only will there be continued demand for software developers and data analysts, but other less technical jobs will also be shaped by technology innovation.

Believe in Yourself and Enjoy the Results

The IT job market can be perplexing at times and 2019 is a great example. On one hand we have record low unemployment, demand for talent is high, and there may not be a better time to explore your options since the late 90s. On the other hand, there are talented individuals who have been

The “Sweet Spot” of Team Accountability

Working on teams is the way of the world these days with the belief that together we can achieve more. However, this proposition does come with its own set of challenges. The team may not be made up of the right mix of skills and experience or could be understaffed to meet its goals and

2018 IT Career Outlook: One-Third of IT Pros Plan to Seek New Jobs

You won't find a better article for breaking down the IT employment market than this article. Next year will be exciting with 32 percent of IT pros looking to make a change. And 70-75 percent of the reason for them wanting to make a change is for more money and skills growth.

IT Jobs Forecasted to Grow Double-Digits over 10-Year Period

When it comes to forecasting the future health of IT occupations you can ask your handy dandy magic 8-ball like I did recently and you would surely get the same answer I received which was "Outlook good." Just to be sure I asked twice and the second time I received the answer, "Without a doubt."

Talent on the Move!

The IT staffing industry has been on an upward trajectory since early 2017, and although that growth tends to fluctuate in pace the next year is poised to deliver a lot of opportunities to go around for talent, clients, and Aureus Group. In Omaha, there is still tremendous scarcity when it comes to IT talent

Time to Make a Move…

The IT job market in Omaha has been picking up momentum since the beginning of the year, with Q2 showing a higher demand and more candidate movement. There are many clients looking to add 20-30 IT professionals both on a contract basis as well as direct hire scenarios.

Happy New Year Talented People – All Signs Pointing Up in 2017!

If you are feeling good about the options and opportunities you saw during 2016, we have good news. All signs are pointing up that IT hiring and contracting will grow in 2017. According to our friends at Linkedin, 79 percent of staffing firms will see an increase in the volume of candidates placed next year.

Free Agents Rule!

It is that time of year again when the professional sports world is all a buzz with the latest news on free agency surrounding some of the best talent in the game. For those athletes who have worked hard to hone their skills, accumulate their wins, and knock their goals out of the park, the