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Do You Teach Turkeys to Climb Trees or Hire Squirrels

What do you talk about around the Thanksgiving dinner table? Most of us have a tradition of sharing what we are thankful for. My family has a unique relationship with turkeys. My Dad use to raise and give homegrown turkeys to his customers at Thanksgiving time.

Do You Enable or Coach?

On Friday we hosted an event focused on effective coaching vs. traditional performance management. We gathered thought leaders to share lessons learned, success stories, and new ideas. The conversations between employees and leaders are definitely evolving in corporate America. In my opinion, traditional annual reviews focused on the past, merit increases, and dictator leadership styles

What Does a Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Have in Common with a Strategic Staffing Plan?

Talent drives strategy on and off the football field. For the most part, quarterbacks dominate the total points depending on the scoring system, the number of teams in your league, and the number of starting quarterbacks. The crucial conversations surrounding the value of quarterbacks are complicated.

How Performance Management Aligns with Employee Experience – Part II

Let's face it, talent drives strategy and professional development is critical for both employees and employers. We are passionate about our customer's employer brands and believe understanding their culture and values are imperative for us to help people and companies achieve their goals.

How Performance Management Aligns with Employee Experience – Part I

The buzz and research on culture and the performance management topic is inspiring change. Not surprisingly, many studies have found that managers' least favorite workplace function behind firing employees is conducting traditional annual reviews. Employees dislike this process equally or more than their managers.

The Evolution of the Employee Experience

The Employer - Employee relationship continues to evolve, impacting culture and changing how we execute recruitment, retention, people development, and performance management.


Culture continues to be a buzz word in corporate America. Employer brand, talent acquisition and retention are on the top of most leaders' minds. Why is culture so hard? Let's face it, culture is an evolution and it's almost impossible to have one culture within small, medium, and large organizations, regardless of industry.

Celebrate Pi Day! Why Not?

In celebration of National Pi Day, we made a lot of deliveries and took a moment to celebrate all the sweetness around us. At Aureus Group, we love Pi. No, not pieā€¦but the number 3.14... This crazy number shows up everywhere and goes on forever.

How to Define Your Love with a Contract Workforce

Get the right talent for the right task at the right time! From the employer's perspective, hiring contract workers simply makes sense in many circumstances. You'll save some valuable time, money, expand your candidate pool, and you may even find your next key player.

Why Should You Love Contract Opportunities?

Contract opportunities are flexible and provide more options to align with your goals. In this job market, you have non-traditional options that can expand your career potential. The negative connotations of consultant and contract jobs are misleading.