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The Evolution of the Employee Experience

The Employer - Employee relationship continues to evolve, impacting culture and changing how we execute recruitment, retention, people development, and performance management.


Culture continues to be a buzz word in corporate America. Employer brand, talent acquisition and retention are on the top of most leaders' minds. Why is culture so hard? Let's face it, culture is an evolution and it's almost impossible to have one culture within small, medium, and large organizations, regardless of industry.

Celebrate Pi Day! Why Not?

In celebration of National Pi Day, we made a lot of deliveries and took a moment to celebrate all the sweetness around us. At Aureus Group, we love Pi. No, not pie…but the number 3.14... This crazy number shows up everywhere and goes on forever.

How to Define Your Love with a Contract Workforce

Get the right talent for the right task at the right time! From the employer's perspective, hiring contract workers simply makes sense in many circumstances. You'll save some valuable time, money, expand your candidate pool, and you may even find your next key player.

Why Should You Love Contract Opportunities?

Contract opportunities are flexible and provide more options to align with your goals. In this job market, you have non-traditional options that can expand your career potential. The negative connotations of consultant and contract jobs are misleading.

What Will We See in Our Workplaces in 2017?

Every year our customers and candidates ask for our perspective on emerging trends we have seen in our local, regional, and national markets. There are definitely some common threads emerging. The trends I'm noticing are based on hundreds of conversations with executives in all industries, national affiliates, think tanks, and trade associations.

How to Overcome the Communication Challenge

Have you ever met someone who can't articulate what they do? If you can't explain what you do or what you are trying to accomplish to a kindergartener you may need to rethink your speak. Help others help you by providing clear, concise, and thoughtful communication.

Vision 2020 – What Is Your Staffing Plan?

Talent drives strategy. Many of you have started your 2017 budget and strategic staffing plan process, some of you overachievers may have already finished! In lieu of the market conditions; extremely low unemployment, technology demands, disruptive innovation, and the demographics of our workforce, you may want to consider a 2020 staffing plan.

Talent + Development = 100

We've all heard the story...CFO: What happens if we train them and they leave? CEO: What happens if we don’t and they stay? When we ask candidates what their motivation is to make a change, professional development and culture are on the list.

GO TEAM USA…They Know Their Why!

From gymnastics to basketball, Team USA is killing it! It's evident that every person on the team understands their why and lives their commitments every day. The head coach, trainers, athletes, and medics are in sync. It's such an awesome feeling to watch these athletes excel with American pride.