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A Little Nonsense Now And Then Is Relished By The Wisest Men

I've always appreciated how humor is an important part of learning, a healthy day-to-day work life and ultimately a happy life. My interest and intrigue in how humor works stems from the laughter I shared with my family growing up and now with my jolly husband and spunky daughter. My brother, Keith took

Show The Love

Every organization is faced with the reality that the Baby Boomers really are going to retire. We've been talking about this for years but the deep recession and slow recovery helped to obscure the issue. During this time, overall hiring was subdued and retirements were delayed. Now, as recovery has taken a stronger

2013 Staffing Initiatives = Increased Temporary Workforce

The increase in temporary or supplemental staffing in the fourth quarter has been significant throughout the nation, in Midwest region, and in our local markets. We have seen a 24 percent increase in our temporary workforce. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) showed that staffing employment increased by 18,000 jobs from October to November

Limitation vs Liberation

Do you have vision? I went to a technology staffing conference in Miami last week. Everyone was discussing their 2013 goals, budgets, and vision for the future. During many conversations I noticed the tactical nature of budgeting and goals trump the vision for many leaders. I couldn't help but think this may

Got Talent? Do You Have the Right People in the Right Jobs?

What is a perfect fit? Companies unravel or advance based on their ability to use employee strengths to positively impact the organization. Before an organization can move to the next level, ask: Do you have the right people in the right jobs? Is your team engaged and soaring to their strengths?

Smart Phones – Are They Really ‘Smart’?

Some argue that the most annoying professional etiquette violations stem from the mobile "smart" phone. Here are a few daily observations. Answering a cell phone during a meeting, or worse an interview, posting inappropriate comments or status updates on Facebook / LinkedIn, forgetting to turn the ringer to vibrate or off during meetings, reading or

Top Five Employer Concerns

Our customers acknowledge employee satisfaction and productivity declined during the last couple of years. But employers are determined to find ways to keep talented employees happy and working hard, without increasing payroll. A recent survey by CareerBuilder revealed five top concerns and how corporations plan to address them. Here's what the survey of more than 2,700

Why Can’t We Hire Enough Top People: The Hiring Pyramid of Needs

Abraham Maslow was a mid-20th century psychologist who studied the behavior of high performing individuals. In a 1943 paper, he suggested that people make fundamental and predictable decisions based on different behavioral needs. Lou Adler author of “Hire with Your Head”, recently shared a simplified business version of Maslow's findings. People and companies have similar underlying

The Employer-Employee Relationship

What are the dynamics of your employer-employee relationship? This mutually beneficial relationship is a delicate one and managing these relationships is vital to the success of every career and organization. Strong relationships lead to accomplishing personal, professional, and monetary goals for employees, and increased bottom-lines for employers.

Trust in the Workplace — Do You Have it?

In the staffing profession, we have the unique opportunity to listen to employers and employees of all sizes, in all industries at delicate cross roads. Whether an employee is considering making a move, or an employer is going to add or upgrade the competencies of its workforce, the majority of the time trust is an