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People Challenges of the Next Decade and How to Meet Them

Top executives say the two biggest challenges facing HR in the coming decade will be retaining and rewarding the best people, and attracting the best people. Leaders are debating how organizations and societies can make the most of human capital. The rise of emerging markets, the global financial crisis, and demographic pressures are among the

The 2011 Salary Increase Question

Budget time is right around the corner. Senior managers and HR professionals are starting to plan for what their organizations will be doing as we get into the 2011 budgeting cycle. Since raises have been slim the last couple of years, I've been asking executives from all industries how they are handling the salary raise

Building your Network Through Mentorship

I have several professional mentors and continue to look for more. Recently I asked someone I admire for advice on how to approach a new business partnership. The candid, "keep it simple" advice was exactly what I needed. The words of wisdom and vote of confidence helped me to switch gears a bit, allowing me

Two New Tax Benefits for Employers

Aimed at providing hiring incentives to restore some of the jobs lost in the latest economic recession, and to help put Americans back to work as soon as possible, the IRS recently updated language in the HIRE (Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment) Act, which offers employment tax incentives to businesses, established in March 2010. This new

Update Your Job Descriptions and Hire Smart

The employees you hire can make or break your business. Don’t make the common error of skipping the job analysis and updating of job descriptions. Take the time to figure out your staffing needs and know what you’re looking for in an employee before you actually start looking. This exercise will save you time and

Are you an Effective Communicator?

We continue to hear from clients and candidate’s what motivates and frustrates them in the workplace. Not surprisingly, increased communication is the common denominator on everyone’s’ wish list. It’s evident that today’s business climate requires collaboration vertically and horizontally. It’s not enough to just work hard. It’s not enough to do a great job. To

Examining Employer Frustrations and Hiring Motivators: Recent Aureus Group Survey Results may Adjust your Workforce and Career Planning Strategies

During the last couple years employers have learned a great deal about the importance of employee engagement and motivation. But what are employer motivations? In the effort to bridge the communication gap, Aureus Group recently turned the tables and asked hiring managers and HR professionals about their professional frustrations to better understand the challenges employers

Aureus Group Q1 Employee of the Quarter

Each quarter Aureus Group asks who in our team is making the most difference and focusing on activities that will help us meet our goals. We look to see who our MVP is and who is going above and beyond. Using the criteria below, the Employee of the Quarter is voted on by the entire

BRIDGING THE GAP: Understanding Manager Frustrations and Hiring Decisions

Last month we shared what motivates elite talent to leave their employer in the Top Talent newsletter. By examining leading Aureus Group candidates who have been placed by our organization during the last 60 days, we were able to get an idea of what is driving career changes in 2010. Here’s a recap of

The Intersection of Choice

We all know that hiring and retaining the best employees drives our businesses to success. Unfortunately, this is still an area which many organizations don’t properly invest in. Who are your key employees? You know, the ones who always complete projects on time and the quality of their work is considered elite in your industry?