worth the risk

Risky Business

Happy New Year! There are so many articles going around about resolutions and change, and I didn’t feel like I had anything different to add. Quite honestly, resolutions are hard for me. Everything that I want in 2020 feels so intangible and hard to quantify, and most of my desires for this year are what my friends and family want for themselves.

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Don’t Be Late to the Table

Counter offers, turned down offers, multiple offers! Welcome to this hiring market. Companies are hiring, positions are being created, and promotions are happening. This is good news for the market and economy, but what makes it hard is that sometimes we have to move faster than we are prepared to in order to get the candidate.

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How to Improve Your Employer Brand

Branding, branding, branding. Marketing and branding are huge for business. What do people associate you with as an organization? What do people know about your company? Do your customers have positive experiences? These are all important questions and details that should be focused on. However, what could be equally if not more important? Your employer brand.

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