Just Keep Swimming

Motivation is not usually something I struggle with, but holy smokes…it is today. I pulled out a couple of my trusty “go get em” books for some inspiration. Then I looked on LinkedIn and saw a meme that said “Stop looking at inspirational quotes and get back to work!” That timing was impeccable. Seems like fake news, but trust me, it really happened. That got me thinking today.

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No Panic, No Fear! Tips and Tricks to Conquer Innovation Here!

Innovation – insert fear and panic here! It’s not that I don’t like change because I can really appreciate change. When I think of innovation, I think of having to completely revamp something and that stresses me out. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to attend a Young Professionals Summit in Omaha where we had several speakers discuss different topics in the work place which also translated very well into life.

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Lost Job and Losing Hope. Please Help!

Searching for a job is a hard thing to do; it’s a full time job in itself. Even if you are comfortable in your job but looking for something to take you to the next step, it can be overwhelming and exhausting. Can you imagine how you would feel if you HAD to find a job because yours is ending? I know that some of you are going through this so I wanted to share my insights and experiences.

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