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Keep Calm and #KerrieOn: A Tribute to the Fallen

Officer Kerrie Orozco has become a familiar name in Omaha and even across the nation. Her death hit many, including myself, really hard. I didn’t personally know her. I knew people who knew her, but that was about it. I got to know her over the last week as we celebrated her life in our

Get on the Unstoppable, Heroic Energy Bus Right Now!

Have you found yourself derailed or pulled off to the side of the road with a flat tire lately? Maybe you personally haven’t been involved in a train wreck or gotten a flat tire, but sometimes it feels that is how life is going. I understand. Life is hard. Work can be hard, personal life

Always, Always, Always a Student

The New Year is right around the corner. This year, instead of sprinting out of 2014 and thinking about what I can do and change in 2015, I wanted to spend some time really reflecting on the last year. A lot happened. It’s a lot to process, but I know I can use what I

I Can

I started playing softball when I was four years old. My dad was my coach for a lot of my “career.” He would hang up signs around our practice facility that said “I can.” As 12 year old girls, we all made fun of him and his coined phrase; however, it became one of the

View from the Top

I recently spent a weekend in Colorado where I got to go hiking in Fort Collins. My friends and I climbed a 10,000 foot mountain. I looked up when we were at the base and wondered how we were possibly going to make it to the top. I believe that there were a few things

Watch Your Investments Grow!

You’re probably reading this because you think I am going to tell you how you can increase your monetary investments. I don’t want to disappoint, but I am not going to be talking about how to watch your money grow. There is another type of investment that I want to focus on today - your

Practice makes perfect, but what are you trying to perfect?

One thing I really appreciate about the company I work for is how they invest in me through their Professional Development classes. I am currently enrolled in my second class with the company. It consists of a group of employees coming together, going through books and discussing different topics, and then learning from each other.