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Change is a Bundle of Joy!

Change. It’s a word that either elicits fear or excitement and, many times, a mixture of both. It’s also something that is talked about, a lot. In fact, you can find a few older blogs that colleagues of mine have written on change.

Tips for Enhancing Your Face-to-Face Meetings with Your Recruiter

As a recruiter I talk with a lot of people on a daily basis, primarily over the phone. It’s no question though, that the most effective form of communication is when you are face-to-face. Although I work our remote market, I am lucky to be able to travel to Iowa frequently where I have the

Why You Should Spare 5 Minutes of Time for a Recruiter

I’ve been in the staffing industry for four years now, and in those four years I’ve talked with a LOT of individuals. Some of them I’m talking with for the first time and others I’ve been talking with for years. For the most part, people who I call are pretty receptive to my calls

Stop Creating Stories!

Does anyone ever tell you to “stop making stories” because my manager says that to our team frequently. If anyone can be a pro at making stories, without being a published author, it’s me. My mind is constantly thinking up hundreds of scenarios of the “what could be”, “what might be”, and “what could have

Overcoming Fear When Putting in Notice

We recently celebrated the 4th of July, and with that comes one of my favorite things, FIREWORKS… unless they are being blown up in my neighborhood until 1:00 am (but that is another story). Anyway, this got me thinking about how I used to hate them as a child because I was scared of them,

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

We are finally closing in on spring weather and during this time of year there are candies shaped like eggs and bunnies filling every shelf of the grocery store. The good news? By the time you read this blog, they will all be on sale so go out and get some cheap candy while it

‘Tis the Season of Giving

Candidate/recruiter relationships are so important during your job search. The closer relationship you have with your recruiter, the quicker and better we are going to be able to help you find your perfect position. I’m lucky enough to work with professionals who have anywhere from six months to 30 years of staffing and recruiting industry

“Fall” in Love with Autumn Festivities

Fall is my FAVORITE part of year – the temperatures are perfect (well, with the exception of the last few weeks!), the leaves are changing, and there is pumpkin flavored everything, everywhere. It is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy time with family and friends.

Don’t Let the Difficult Times Get You Down – Persevere

As someone who is still relatively new in their position at work, the word “perseverance” has had a lot of meaning to me this year. Even though I do my best to keep a positive attitude, there are days when being positive and reminding myself to keep pushing forward become a little harder, especially when

Spring Cleaning Your Social Media

The temperatures are rising, the trees and flowers are starting to bloom, and the rain… the rain has definitely been here. It must be spring! With spring comes the ever popular “spring cleaning”. After cleaning your house and your office, it may be a good idea to think about cleaning up your social media sites,