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Benefits of Interim Healthcare Leaders

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of interim healthcare leadership? Is it an expert leader? A transitional leader? For the CFOs reading this blog, is it cost? The purpose of this blog is to share my insights on the impact in which an interim leader can make.

Refining Small Talk

Have you ever been in a meeting or at a conference where you are sitting at a table full of strangers and you are not sure how to start the conversation? How about an awkward conversation where you are not sure what to ask next or how to carry the conversation forward? These are business

Travel Assignments vs. Interim Engagement

Do you ever wonder where the time goes? That is the thought that runs through my mind when I reflect on the more than seven years of being involved with healthcare recruitment. It has been quite the exciting and challenging journey.

NHA Advocacy Day 2017 – Healthcare Reform

Aureus Group has been a long-time supporter of the Nebraska Hospital Association. My colleague, Linn Davidson, and I had the opportunity to attend the NHA 2017 Advocacy Day. This is an educational day on both state and federal legislative issues for Nebraska healthcare leaders and state senators.