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Being an Ethical Leader

I recently read a story by a writer who spent nearly a decade researching the Enron collapse and how it happened. You remember the collapse of Enron in 2001, don’t you? The cumulative effect was a company in ruin, thousands of trusting employees without their retirement and life savings, and a business landscape forever changed.

How to Hire the Right “Talent”

What is talent? Talent is Tiger Woods crushing a 350-yard drive. Talent is Derek Jeter turning a double play. Talent is Warren Buffett making a key acquisition. Talent is John F. Kennedy delivering an inspiring speech. Talent is remarkable people doing impossibly hard things and making them look easy in the process.

Technology Can Lead to Distracted Workers

Distracted workers will cost employers in the U.S. alone nearly a trillion dollars in 2016. Read that again once you pick yourself up off the ground. This is what one trillion dollars looks like: $1,000,000,000,000. That’s almost 1/20th of the national debt. Smart phones, personal email, March madness, fantasy football, day dreaming - it all

Five-Step Guide to Becoming a “Hero” in Your Office

Nothing is better than a great reference call. As a professional recruiter, I do hundreds of reference calls a year and most are…how do I say this…totally boring! Most reference calls are full of worn out phrases such as “team player” and “results-oriented leader.” Sheesh…wake me when it’s over!

Living Thankfulness

Being thankful should not just happen on the fourth Thursday in November. This is akin to only going to church on Easter and Christmas. The big man knows if your heart is in it, or if you are merely going through the motions. But, what exactly is being thankful anyway? Is it saying thanks for

Look for Empathy in Your Future Leaders

Almost every organization I work with is trying to hire better leaders than the ones they have right now. I say almost every one, because they all say that they do, but some act in completely opposite ways. The battlefield for acquiring true leaders is ferocious as we head into the back half of the

Is Your Resume up to Date? It Sure Should Be! Here’s Why….

Okay, I get it. You’re not even looking for a job. So what? Having an updated resume isn’t just important when searching for a job. It’s about self-awareness of what you do. It answers the following questions with absolute certainty:

Interviewing Pitfalls, Part 1: Handling Tough Questions About Your Past

The old adage of "you are what you are" is really very true. What happens in the past is written into history in ink and cannot be erased. We remember fondly the great times, and tend to flush away the painful memories. There is nothing wrong with that necessarily, it's just that, a first

Top 5 Reasons Your Offers Get Turned Down

Nothing in my job is more deflating than to deliver an offer to a candidate, only to have it turned down. The worst part, I almost always know it's going to happen before it does. In sports terms, it's like tripping and breaking your leg 100 meters from the end of a mile long

The Power of Fear in Making Career Decisions

Nothing plays so strongly as the element of fear in any important decision. This is really evident when making any kind of expensive purchase. I had a guy in my house recently hawking a machine that is guaranteed to remove all allergenic and pollutant particles from the air in my home. I was intrigued with the