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Why Conduct an Exit Interview on Every Departure?

It's Friday afternoon and you are starting to wind down from a long and busy week. The call of a relaxing weekend is making the last few hours pass slowly by, but the loose ends you are tying up are keeping you busy. Without warning, one of your most important employees drops into your office

Defining and Finding Talent

We talk about talent every day. Where to find it. What kind to find. Where to place it. More elusive; however, is how to spot it. What exactly is talent? Talent defined is “an unusual natural ability to do something well, especially in artistic areas that can be developed by training." That

“Attitude of Gratitude”: Treat your Employees Like They are Your Clients

My best friend's father and I became friends as I got to know him during college and beyond. His go-to phrase was, "Thank you, thank you, thank you." He always said it in a way that you knew he meant it. He was an amazing man. In his 30s he ran a major investment corporation

Defining the “It” Factor in a Great Employee

Think of your best employee or co-worker. Now, think about their most prominent traits. What makes them the valued business partner that they are? If they are a game changer in your organization it's likely that there isn’t just one characteristic that sets them apart. There must be, however, a few ties that bind it

Email Pitfalls

Think of a time when you were minding your own business, right in the middle of your daily grind. Up pops the email icon on your PC, perhaps accompanied by that familiar written tone we all know so well. You stop what you are doing; knowing full well that whatever is in your inbox can

Social Media: It’s Time to Get Connected!

What? You don't have a Facebook page or a Twitter account? You’re not even LinkedIn? Fear not, the phenomenon of social media is hurdling toward critical mass by way of the wonderful Internet and it is not too late for you to get on the bus. But when you do sign on, do yourself a

Impact of Utilizing Strengths

Employee engagement is a very popular HR buzz term that has been around for a while now. Every HR professional and line manager I know has been inundated with the "how to" of engaging their employees. The only flaw in these company sponsored engagement programs, are just that . . . they are programs.