Benefits of Interim Healthcare Leaders

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of interim healthcare leadership? Is it an expert leader? A transitional leader? For the CFOs reading this blog, is it cost? The purpose of this blog is to share my insights on the impact an interim leader can make. Specifically, I want to discuss the difference an interim leader can make to a hospital’s culture, how they can effectively bridge the gap when an unexpected vacancy arises, and how they have the ability to sharpen the talent of a hospital’s existing staff.


Qualified interim leaders will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to your organization. These are individuals who have seen it all and navigating a challenging culture is certainly one of those experiences. Most of us will agree that culture is the key to an organization’s success and this especially holds true for hospitals. For my Nebraska football fans reading this…do you see what Scott Frost is doing to the program? Qualified interim leaders can do the same and develop a great culture.

Bridging the Gap

Along with cultural alignment, an interim leader can bridge the gap and help hospitals avoid a lengthy executive vacancy. This will allow a hospital time to conduct a thorough executive search. As we all know, the cost of an unfilled role has many hidden expenses. Without a leader in place, strategic initiatives could come to a halt or could steal time away from another key leader within your organization. Using an interim leader during a vacancy is an effective way to prevent leadership burnout. The last thing a hospital can afford is to lose another key leader due to a leadership absence.

Talent Development

In addition to bridging the gap, interim leaders can further develop the skill set of your current staff, including mentoring and coaching the next leader. All hospitals will be faced with a talent shortage at some point. Currently, we are in a candidate driven market and unemployment is near an all-time low. The ideal or perfect candidate that a hospital desires may not be available. A side effect from talent development is employee retention and engagement.

At Aureus Group Executive Search and Interim Leadership we pride ourselves in identifying qualified leaders who will align with your culture, bridge the gap between leadership vacancies, and serve as a mentor and coach in an effort to elevate your current staff. The next time you consider utilizing an interim leader, contact us. We welcome the opportunity to strategically partner with your hospital and to earn your trust.

Mike DeLanieMike DeLanie

Mike joined Aureus Group Healthcare Leadership in February 2014. As the Team Lead, he brings several years of experience in healthcare recruiting and has proven to have the ability to meet both client and candidate expectations. Prior to joining Aureus Group, Mike worked for a national allied healthcare search firm and won Allied Recruiter in 2012. Mike has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, health, and exercise science from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, NE.



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