BRIDGING THE GAP: Understanding Manager Frustrations and Hiring Decisions

Last month we shared what motivates elite talent to leave their employer in the Top Talent newsletter.  By examining leading Aureus Group candidates who have been placed by our organization during the last 60 days, we were able to get an idea of what is driving career changes in 2010. Here’s a recap of what these top candidates shared with us:

Top 5 Motivators for Career Change
1. Company is too unstable
2. Employer does not offer ample career growth opportunities
3. Manager does not recognize contributions enough
4. Seeking better work-life balance
5. Would like to relocate closer to family

This month we’d like to turn the question around to employers. As a  manager or hiring authority, what are your management challenges and what motivates you to make a change on your team beyond economic concerns of the last 18 months? In the effort of sharing common challenges, please participate in this two minute survey by clicking on the link below.

Aureus Group Employer Challenges & Hiring Motivations survey

We will share survey results and solutions in the April Top Talent newsletter.

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