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CASE STUDY: Helping Fill a Healthcare Leadership Role


Finding a candidate to fill a replacement position for the Director of Information Services.


Aureus Group was contacted by its sister company FocusOne Solutions, a managed services provider, to help their client fill a non-clinical role, as well as offer business consulting to help the facility realize the type of position they needed long term.


Hospital elevated position to Chief Information Officer and Aureus Group and FocusOne Solutions successfully filled position.


FocusOne Solutions, a managed services provider and sister company to Aureus Group, was engaged by a South Dakota medical center to assist in filling a replacement position for the Director of Information Services at their 25-bed critical access hospital.

The facility had reached out six months prior to FocusOne Solutions for a Director of Quality position, and due to the success of the collaboration between FocusOne Solutions and Aureus Group to find the ideal candidate to fill that position, the hospital was confident that the pair could help with their new staffing need.

Recruitment Strategy & Execution

Due to the increased need to fill a replacement position that oversaw all of the hospital’s IT projects, it was important to find someone who had the knowledge, experience, and capability to successfully complete any IT job in a timely manner.

Aureus Group was again contacted by FocusOne to find a candidate who checked all the boxes. After some initial discussion with the facility’s Director of Human Resources, Aureus Group and FocusOne were able to discover that the candidate who would be stepping into this role was also going to be responsible for overseeing an EMR implementation in the short-term future. Understanding the hospital’s hiring requirements and future business needs, FocusOne and Aureus Group began submitting candidates right away for review. One of Aureus Group’s candidates in particular stood out based on their managerial and interpersonal skills that fit the hospital’s organizational culture, as well as their background in implementing EMR conversions. However, the position was not at the level the candidate had hoped for in order to continue with the interview process.

Two months into the search, the facility’s Director of Human Resources brought up this specific candidate again to Aureus Group and FocusOne, so they reconvened to further discuss the candidate’s qualifications; what they were searching for in a candidate for the hospital’s urgent IT needs; and also what the organization needed for the future in order to adapt to the changing healthcare landscape.

After the Director of Human Resources presented the key points discussed—analysis of their current and future organizational structure, concerns over hospital security due to attacks on unsecured EMR systems, and potentially eliminating future IT consulting costs for some of the EMR implementation—to its executive team, they came to the conclusion that what they truly needed was a position on the Senior Leadership Team that understood IT on many facets and could assist with decision making. With this shift in perspective and elevation of the job title to Chief Information Officer, Aureus Group and FocusOne were positive that their candidate would accept an offer.


Over the course of the four-month recruitment process, eight candidates were submitted to the facility to fill their Director of Information Services role.

But after the executive team thoroughly examined and considered what was needed for the growth of their facility based on Aureus Group and FocusOne’s recommendations, the hospital decided to extend an offer to the candidate for the role of Chief Information Officer—a position the facility did not previously have.

Aureus Group’s candidate accepted the offer and the Director of Information Services position was elevated to Chief Information Officer. The result of the partnership between Aureus Group, FocusOne, and the facility was once again incredibly successful.  

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