New Year, New Job?

Have you ever thought about changing jobs? With all the economic doom and gloom the past couple years; it is easy to see why people might be afraid to make a move. Too many people lost their jobs due to the recession, leaving those who managed to stay in one of three categories:

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Aureus Group Brings Holiday Cheer to Cooper Village

As part of C&A’s annual holiday volunteer campaign called AurElves, Aureus Group once again decided to sponsor a holiday party and gifts for the young men at Cooper Village. Our group has been fortunate to do this for the past several years. Cooper Village provides a highly structured academic and residential psychiatric treatment for boys aged 12 to 18. The program is designed to “bridge the gap” for those kids who no longer need psychiatric care yet aren’t quite ready to make that transition back into their communities. The goal of the program is to help these youth return to their communities with improved ability to cope and succeed. Ideally, each young man returns home or to an alternate home such as a relative’s home.

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Smart Job Searching

Thinking of applying for a job opening? Whether in between jobs or gainfully employed, people in all stages of their careers are responding to job postings. Hiring managers are pleased to see their inboxes filled with new resumes and eager to find the perfect candidate among them.

In a perfect world all of these resumes would come from highly qualified candidates who are genuinely interested in the position and 100% ready to accept an offer. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. Many are either over or under qualified. Others look great on paper but turn out to have misrepresented themselves. Then there are those applicants who are emailing their resumes to every company and every job opening they can find just to see what happens. Instead of an inbox filled with strong candidates, hiring managers waste too much time sorting through a stack of resumes that ultimately will not result in a new hire.

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Landing an Interview: Resume Pitfalls to Avoid

For every job opening, several resumes are typically submitted. Only some of them will result in an interview, and ultimately only one will get the job. So, if 50 people apply for a position and 5 get interviews, what about the other 45 applicants? Why didn’t they get a chance to talk to the hiring manager? In a hiring capacity, I see a lot of resumes every day – some stand out as “must calls”, others fall under “maybes”, and many can be easily dismissed. This leaves the question in most applicants’ minds: What can I do to make my resume stand out? I would like to share with you some common resume mistakes to avoid, and some of the things my “must call” resumes have in common.

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Aureus Group Launches New Web Site

Aureus Group is excited to announce the launch of its new Web site. Updated implementing a fresh color palette, enhanced navigation, and dynamic graphics that feature each of the Aureus Group practice areas, the site not only offers information about Aureus Group’s staffing options, but is packed full of resources to help employers and job seekers through out the hiring and career searc process. Check out the Job Seekers and Employers Knowledge Center sections for useful staffing and career resource links, salary tools, interview tips, and more. The Aureus Group Web site also features Success Stories from esteemed Aureus Group clients and details on upcoming Aureus Group events.

We hope that our valued partners will find the tools and resources on the new Aureus Group Web site helpful and that you’ll continue to turn to Aureus Group for all of your staffing and career needs.

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Embrace Your Inner Trainer

Training. What does this word mean to you? Are you one of those professionals who gets excited to participate in every training session opportunity that comes your direction, or do you try to avoid it at all costs and fly below the “training radar?”

Let’s think about this for a moment. What constitutes a good training session? Consider all the training sessions you’ve participated in throughout your professional career? What sessions were engaging for you personally? What factors do you believe contributed to that successful training session?

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Are you Ready to Change Jobs?

Many indicators flash when someone is ready to change jobs. Maybe they clean up their resume, start perusing job boards, place a call to their favorite recruiter, or increase the complaint frequency to their friends and family about their professional situation. Sometimes the reasons for evaluating other opportunities are appropriate, but sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes the timing is good, and sometimes it is bad. We have spent a great deal of time as recruiters separating legitimate corporate wounds from those that are not.

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