Building your Network Through Mentorship

I have several professional mentors and continue to look for more. Recently I asked someone I admire for advice on how to approach a new business partnership. The candid, “keep it simple” advice was exactly what I needed. The words of wisdom and vote of confidence helped me to switch gears a bit, allowing me to put my best foot forward. When I thanked my friend from Pennsylvania, he responded by telling me, “It’s not that I’m that smart, I’ve been around a while; I listen to knowledge and repeat it”. He is so humble.

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The Art of Professional Networking

I had one of those “ah ha” moments this past weekend, during a social gathering for an organization I’ve been volunteering with the past six months. The social was an opportunity for volunteers to meet one another and share experiences they’ve had through their participation in the program. I was looking forward to the event and shortly after I arrived, I found myself mingling with several volunteers and learning about why they chose to join this program. The gathering was proving to be a great success!

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emotionally intelligent leader

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Development

There are undoubtedly many different factors that contribute toward someone developing into a great leader. In previous Aureus Group blog articles, we’ve addressed the importance of demonstrating effective communication skills when interacting with colleagues in the workplace. Well what about emotional intelligence? How does one’s emotional intelligence impact their ability to be a top performer in the professional world?

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Are you an Effective Communicator?

We continue to hear from clients and candidate’s what motivates and frustrates them in the workplace. Not surprisingly, increased communication is the common denominator on everyone’s’ wish list. It’s evident that today’s business climate requires collaboration vertically and horizontally. It’s not enough to just work hard. It’s not enough to do a great job. To be successful, you need to learn how to really communicate with others.

Have you ever gotten frustrated because you weren’t able to communicate your ideas as effectively as you wanted and people just weren’t getting it? Maybe you’ve walked away from a discussion with a different perspective than your co-worker, boss, or employee? Or worse, have you ever written or received an email that was taken way out of context?

Don’t worry. You’re not the only one. I answered yes to all three questions!

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Mission Man Visits Aureus Group

C&A Industries, parent company of Aureus Group, brought its mission statement to life late last year when we introduced Mission Man, C&A’s very own super hero and mascot. Mission Man is on a mission to recognize employees who go above and beyond incorporating C&A’s mission statement values into their daily endeavors.

Mission Man paid a visit to the Systems Division of Aureus Group in May armed with words of praise and Mission Man candy tins for Jillian Huston, Linda Aughenbaugh, and Gabe Romero.

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A Look into What Makes Top Talent Take Flight

Last week I opened up the grill on our back deck at home with the intention of firing up some hamburgers. When I opened up the grill, I was shocked to find that the neighborhood birds had targeted it for their next home. The grill was filled with twigs, grass, and debris from all over the neighborhood. Luckily, there weren’t any eggs or birds in there, but this forced me to spend some time cleaning out the grill and cook the burgers in the house.

As I reluctantly cooked dinner for my wife and myself on the George Foreman Grill in the kitchen, it got me thinking. The birds chose my grill for their next home. What prompted them to select my grill? What separated my grill from other locations in the neighborhood? We have plenty of trees, my other neighbors have grills – why my grill on my back porch?

That thought gave me an idea for my first blog entry. I decided to look back at 100 random interviews that I’ve done in the last year with candidates looking to take the next step in their careers. My goal was to track their number one job consideration and really try to get to the bottom of what people are looking for in their next opportunity.

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Examining Employer Frustrations and Hiring Motivators: Recent Aureus Group Survey Results may Adjust your Workforce and Career Planning Strategies

During the last couple years employers have learned a great deal about the importance of employee engagement and motivation. But what are employer motivations? In the effort to bridge the communication gap, Aureus Group recently turned the tables and asked hiring managers and HR professionals about their professional frustrations to better understand the challenges employers face.

Our recent survey exploring not only management frustrations, but also hiring motivators included hiring managers in our practice areas of Accounting and Finance, Information Systems and Technology, and Executive search throughout the Midwest.

Use the results we received combined with our independent comments in your workforce or career planning strategies.

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