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Strategies to Create a More Engaged Employee

What is employee engagement and why is there such a buzz around it? In the 2018 Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement, employee engagement is defined as “the extent to which an employee’s personal goals and interests align with the vision and goals of the company at which they are employed.”

Building Client Relationships

I've been in the recruiting industry now for nearly 19 years. I had no experience doing anything like this, as this is my first and only job out of college; however, I knew that one day my gift for gab (which got me in AND out of trouble) would pay off.

Do You Teach Turkeys to Climb Trees or Hire Squirrels

What do you talk about around the Thanksgiving dinner table? Most of us have a tradition of sharing what we are thankful for. My family has a unique relationship with turkeys. My Dad use to raise and give homegrown turkeys to his customers at Thanksgiving time.

No More Sun?

With the winter months ahead of us and the end of daylight savings time, many of us have a hard time adjusting. Less daylight can cause people to become lethargic, depressed, and tired. But there are things to do to keep you feeling happy and energized.

The Importance of the Right Hire: Just Look at my Beloved Huskers!

First and foremost I am not trying to start a debate with my fellow Nebraskans. You hear recruiters talk all the time about the importance of the right hire as it can cost businesses huge amounts of time, money, and energy. Is Nebraska football a business? In this state it most certainly is.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring Quickly

Can we all agree that hiring is really hard? At least if you are doing it right it is. And it’s not like you don't have other priorities to attend to. Deadlines, projects, planning, etc. all tend to jump ahead of hiring when the pressure starts to mount on deliverables in your job.

Do You Enable or Coach?

On Friday we hosted an event focused on effective coaching vs. traditional performance management. We gathered thought leaders to share lessons learned, success stories, and new ideas. The conversations between employees and leaders are definitely evolving in corporate America. In my opinion, traditional annual reviews focused on the past, merit increases, and dictator leadership styles

Women in STEM

I am an IT recruiter. I am not a developer nor do I plan on becoming one, however, I do enjoy attending various user groups to meet people and to learn things about technology that can help me understand more about what I am recruiting for. One thing that I learned along the way is

How to Create an Influential Ripple Effect

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with a situation, whether it is in your personal or professional life, you simply do not see how your actions will make a difference? Your actions - big or small, positive or negative - have an impact greater than you may imagine.

“Fall” in Love with Autumn Festivities

Fall is my FAVORITE part of year – the temperatures are perfect (well, with the exception of the last few weeks!), the leaves are changing, and there is pumpkin flavored everything, everywhere. It is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy time with family and friends.