Examining Employer Frustrations and Hiring Motivators: Recent Aureus Group Survey Results may Adjust your Workforce and Career Planning Strategies

During the last couple years employers have learned a great deal about the importance of employee engagement and motivation. But what are employer motivations? In the effort to bridge the communication gap, Aureus Group recently turned the tables and asked hiring managers and HR professionals about their professional frustrations to better understand the challenges employers face.

Our recent survey exploring not only management frustrations, but also hiring motivators included hiring managers in our practice areas of Accounting and Finance, Information Systems and Technology, and Executive search throughout the Midwest.

Use the results we received combined with our independent comments in your workforce or career planning strategies.

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The Intersection of Choice

We all know that hiring and retaining the best employees drives our businesses to success. Unfortunately, this is still an area which many organizations don’t properly invest in.

Who are your key employees? You know, the ones who always complete projects on time and the quality of their work is considered elite in your industry? Your “go-to” people for new ideas, the ones you rely on in times of crisis and generally to take on extra work? Having this person on your team allows you to sleep easier just knowing they are there. However, are these valued and talented members also keeping their job options open?

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Aureus Group Announces Q4 Employee of the Quarter

It’s been proven time and time again that engagement results in increased productivity, happy employees, and satisfied customers. Leaders and managers need to embrace new ideas and be sure communication with employees is clear. As a result, every employee will hopefully understand how his/her role impacts the bottom line and helps achieve the company’s goals. While many factors contribute to overall employee engagement, I believe a key element to engagement is recognition.

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Economic Recovery Brings New Staffing Challenges

Although the economy won’t completely recover this year, the SI Review and Bureau of Labor Statistics, as well as staffing analysts expect it to greatly improve and we are already seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. As I mentioned in last month’s article, an increase in temporary orders and use of a contingent work force has historically been a sign of growth in all industries. However, the turn from contingent employees to a full-time head count will most likely be slower than in the past due in part to the many challenges facing businesses right now.

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Planning and Forecasting with Contingent Workforce in 2010 and Beyond

We are wondering what 2010 will bring. Recession has turned to recovery, and the economy is now growing again. The pains of the labor market will soon be healed by higher productivity as consumer demand increases across the board. One of the elements that may influence the pace and direction of hiring during the recovery is actually the way jobs were cut during the recession. Companies seemed to cut much faster and deeper during this recession than previous ones, quickly moving through contingent workers into core full-time jobs. Many experts who follow trends in the staffing world believe that companies will have a higher dependence on contingent staff who will allow organizations to more strategically re-integrate staff into organizations not just in 2010, but beyond.

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