Hiring Turn Around on the Horizon

Over the past couple years, with an increasing number of employees being laid off and unemployment rates climbing across the country, we have been experiencing a primarily employer-driven market. Instead of posting job openings and praying that someone will apply, employers have been posting positions and then weeding through hundreds of resumes. Hiring managers have become more specific in their searches, screening out people who don’t have experience with the most recent version of a software package or who are missing one key word on their resume.

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emotionally intelligent leader

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Development

There are undoubtedly many different factors that contribute toward someone developing into a great leader. In previous Aureus Group blog articles, we’ve addressed the importance of demonstrating effective communication skills when interacting with colleagues in the workplace. Well what about emotional intelligence? How does one’s emotional intelligence impact their ability to be a top performer in the professional world?

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