Corporate Philanthropy Feels Good

Corporate social responsibility: three words that can make a world of difference to a large group of people. At C&A Industries, Inc., parent company to Aureus Group, corporate social responsibility is more than just the latest buzz word. Here, employees and management give back in various ways, some big, some small, but it is always more than the simple action of check writing (although impact full never-the-less). For C&A employees, social responsibility has become part of who we are as a company and is ingrained into C&A’s corporate culture where it can make the biggest impact.

A team of C&A employees, myself included, recently participated in the American Lung Association’s  Corporate Cup Run on Sunday, September 20 and also the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure benefiting breast cancer awareness on Sunday, October 4. In addition to participating in these events, employees through out each division of C&A came together to raise awareness and made donations, which were matched in part by C&A Industries, Inc. In fact, we are still raising money for the Komen Foundation. The races were held in tandem with C&A United Way of the Midlands campaign kicking off our season of giving which culminates in December with a company-wide philanthropy program benefiting multiple organizations through out Omaha. These initiatives highlight the power of people and organizations to make a difference in the community and in the lives of those less fortunate.

Philanthropist businessman Andrew Carnegie first popularized the principles of corporate charity and stewardship in 1899 when he published The Gospel of Wealth, which expressed his belief that one of the most visible ways a business can help a community is through corporate philanthropy. Investor billionaire Warren Buffet took the idea of corporate and personal giving to a new level when in 2006 he fully embraced Carnegie’s vision to “give back” and pledged billions of his vast fortune to the Gate’s Foundation and other family foundations.

Corporate philanthropy not only helps the community, it makes you feel good about yourself and about the company you work for. I’m proud to work for a company that recognizes the impact C&A can have on our community. So, whether big or small, personally or in conjunction with your organization, how are you making a difference in your community?

A few of the C&A employees who participated in the Race for the Cure gather here before the race for a quick photo.
A few of the C&A employees who participated in the Race for the Cure gather before the race for a quick photo. A team of employees, featured in the main photo, also participated in the Corporate Cup Run a few weeks prior.

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