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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Let’s Learn Together!

Do you want to be more effective, more successful, and more profitable? A variety of researchers from credible sources including McKinsey & Company, OPM.GOV, and have continued to prove a greater range of talent provides insight into the needs and motivations of all potential customers versus a small percentage. American history also tells this story well. For the past two hundred plus years, the best and brightest have come to the United States to live the American dream. When we tap into employees’ strengths, and employees are trained in team-building, problem-solving, and conflict resolution, we will not only uphold the principles of our nation, we get better results.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is an initiative most organizations have in their strategic plan. That said, achieving it is challenging. Despite the diversity strategies, few come up with something that works. Aligning diversity practices with organizational goals is complex and takes time and investment. Similar to writing a mission and value statement that is not prevalent in the culture or behaviors of employees, when there is a mismatch between how companies design diversity policies and how they implement them, the initiative will backfire.

Aureus Group is striving for a stronger diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce for us and our customers. I have had the opportunity to collaborate and learn from many diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders. Here are three common threads that resonate.

  • The first step in any successful initiative is to answer the Dr. Seuss questions: WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHY? WHERE? Why should we do this? What’s in it for EVERYONE? When all teammates within the organization can’t see the benefits, it will ultimately fail.

  • Alignment and training are vital. What looks good on paper may fall apart in practice. If a smart plan is handed over to individuals who don’t buy into the program or don’t have the tools, capacity, or motivation, the plan will not be executed.

  • One size does NOT fit all. Every company is unique, so EVERY diversity initiative needs to be customized. Clearly identify what you hope to achieve and revamp the initiative as your company learns and grows. The process of becoming more diverse, equitable, and inclusive is ongoing and never-ending.

What are you learning on the diversity, equity, and inclusion journey? Let’s learn together!

Chris Carlson

Chris Carlson, Managing Director
Chris is an experienced executive in the staffing industry. She has developed operational analyses, implemented programs /compensation plans, and has assisted hundreds of firms streamline processes and upgrade the competencies of their workforce. Finding innovative ways to generate new business, isolate top talent, and build teams is her passion. She has designed and executed many successful strategic marketing /recruiting plans and promotions. Chris began her career at Aureus Group, a full-service professional recruiting firm, in 1994 and currently serves as the Managing Director of Aureus Group specializing in the Finance and Accounting, Information Systems, and Executive Leadership roles in all industries including; Healthcare Administration, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Commercial Services, and Manufacturing.

In addition, Chris is a Certified Professional Consultant, and has an Executive Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

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