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Do You Have the Slight Edge?

We all have “aha” moments in our lives where something we hear hits us right at the time we needed to hear it. We could have heard the same thing another time in our lives and it wouldn’t have sunk in. For me, that something came into my life years ago. It hit me at the right time and place when I was ready to listen, and I’m glad I did. It is part of me and a philosophy my entire family lives by.  

It is through the book “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson I realized the value of this philosophy. I highly recommend everyone pick up a copy of his book! This philosophy is very simple: understanding the true impact of the things we do every day, the things we really don’t think matter, and how they can make a huge difference in our lives and our future success. It’s something I wish I would have valued earlier in life. Yeah yeah, sounds like something we really don’t need to hear as we have heard it before.

Do you have a goal or commitment you’ve been trying to accomplish? Whatever it is you might want to improve upon, whether a health issue, a specific skill, or improving a relationship, there is benefit in using the “Slight Edge” principle.

In his book, Olson references over and over that actions are as easy NOT to do as they are TO do. But compounded over time, you will eventually either see success or ruin your chances for success.

An example Olson uses in his book to explain this principle is something we all can relate to – a healthy diet. What we eat today doesn’t make a difference one way or another. Eating a salad or a burger won’t even make a difference tomorrow, but doing so consistently for a few weeks then months will. As time goes by, walking by a mirror will look quite different, the impact either good or bad.

The reality, it IS very simple. The hard part is making the decision to do it, be consistent, be disciplined, and to measure our efforts. He stresses the difference lies on if we do them, AND if we do not do them every day. It is a matter of being successful or not being successful.  

It’s one action each day that can lead to insurmountable success and set you apart, to have the slight edge. That action each day compounds over time. With that small action each day, you are that much farther ahead to reach your goals.  

It’s something my entire family goes by. They are accustomed to hearing “slight edge”, which is usually followed by a grin or chuckle. The purpose? It’s in our thoughts and minds always. What we do, or what we don’t do, can make a huge impact down the road.

Make a choice, start thinking “slight edge”. Think of where you will be by doing one simple thing today compounding over the next few months for your success.

Start with your goals. What are they? What will be your action to position yourself with a slight edge? I challenge you to pick one thing you would like to see success with. Consider your actions around that. Take one action toward it today, be consistent, and you will see success. Evaluate that success and see where you can apply this principle in anything you put your mind to!

June Christensen

June Christensen, Aureus Group
As a Senior IT Recruiter, June enjoys working with a variety of IT Professionals from Developers and Quality Assurance Professionals to Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Architects, and more! She loves working with candidates and clients each and every day. To get to work with candidates and helping them reach their family and career goals to matching those professionals with our clients and filling critical needs, this is what makes every day extra special to her.

When June is not at work, she enjoys time with family and friends, going to movies, and being active however possible!

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