Does Your Company Offer the Best Compensation to Get the Best IT Talent?

When people are looking for a new career opportunity, one of their most important considerations is the compensation. With the low unemployment rates in the Midwest markets we serve (2.6% – 3.5%) it’s harder than ever to find talent. And in the information technology field, the unemployment rate is closer to 1-2%. I’ve been a recruiter for nearly 32 years and the market has never been this tight for this long…and there is no end in sight. Aureus Group is a division of C&A Industries and with our 50 year track record in recruitment, we are experts in many aspects of employment including competitive compensation.

A great place to start is to have a compensation strategy. Maybe you have one and don’t even know it! Employees are savvy today and have access to more information than ever before. Your company may be known in the local marketplace as paying higher base salaries than the average (good news!). Or you might be known for having a strategy that pays lower compensation and you hope to make up that difference by offering better benefits, more flexibility, the ability to work remote, and a great culture. Is that the market perception you want for your company?

Because our firm is full-service and does all types of staffing including direct placement, we have the unique advantage of knowing salaries in hundreds of companies and in hundreds of roles. It’s constantly changing and our intel and expertise is current. Even though benefits have become more important today than in past years, base salary is still the driving force in total compensation. After all, it’s hard to buy a new pair of shoes with a benefit package!

Competition for talent is fierce and you can differentiate your company by being known for paying better salaries than others. The base salaries for some skillsets are remaining stable while others, such as positions in information technology, are going up every single year. Are you keeping pace with that? And it doesn’t have to be a huge difference. Offering $5K-$10K in a higher base salary can get you the more talented individual who will provide better results, higher productivity, and also keep them from going to your competition.

We spend a great deal of time with a candidate on the front end in qualifying their compensation and especially base salary needs. And we share that information with you before, during, and at the end of the search. There’s no hidden agenda – our goal is for a win-win-win. It’s hard to find you the best candidate who meets your needs, at a competitive base salary that is within your range, and for the candidate to get what they require. We are here to help you and share our expertise and market knowledge. The result is that you’ll have a real shot at getting the best talent, which will give you a competitive advantage and the best bang for your buck!

Linda AugenbaughLinda Aughenbaugh

Linda has been in the recruiting and staffing industry for 30 years. She has been with Aureus Group’s IT/IS division for more than eight years in several different capacities, including Account Manager, Recruiter, Recruiting Manager, Branch Manager, and Executive IT Recruiter. She has held different positions with other firms as well, including Franchise Owner of a franchise staffing service for nearly 12 years, Director of IT Contract Staffing, and Branch Manager. Linda has received numerous awards and has achieved President’s Club seven times. She has a true passion, determination, and drive in helping people improve their career situation and for finding the right talent at the right time for her clients.

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