Does Your Job Create Thanksgiving or Dread?

I love Thanksgiving. I love getting to see my family, eating lots of food, watching football, and getting ready for Christmas. As a recruiter, this time of year also tends to bring a lot of discussions about people’s careers. You’ve made it through another year; it’s quite possible you’re exhausted and experiencing burn out. You may even think, “I just need to get to 2018, and then I can decide what is next.” Below I am using Thanksgiving as an acrostic to help you decide if it’s really time to start looking for another job, or perhaps you just need a vacation. Don’t we all? The items listed below are a compilation of things that are personally important to me in my career, as well as what I have heard candidates of mine mention as reasons for staying or leaving jobs over the years. They may or may not be on your list, but hopefully they’ll get your wheels turning so that you can make your own.

T – Trust. Do you trust your manager, your team, and the upper management team? It’s important to be able to get behind and support what decisions are being made at your company.

H – Happy. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Are you happy with your job? Are you happy with who you are at your job? Do you enjoy going to work and doing what you’re doing?

A – Attitude. What is your attitude like about going to work or special projects you have at work? Do you take the bull by its horns and get excited about what can happen or do you dread each day?

N – Noble. Does your company’s morals and values match those of your own? Do they act on what they say?

K – Know What You Want. It’s important to evaluate your current skills, your current status, and where you want to be on a regular basis. Are things moving in the right direction for you? Make sure you know what you want and that you can get it at your current employer.

S – Support. Do you feel supported by your team and manager? Are you a support to them?

G – Growth. Are there opportunities for you to keep growing in your career? Have you hit the top of the ladder? Maybe it’s not about upward mobility for you, and that’s ok, but what about your skills and responsibilities. Have you maxed out there, too?

I – Investing. Is your manager and company investing in you? What has changed since you started working at this company? Have you grown professionally and personally?

V – Victory. Are you seeing success at your job? This can be a tough one because you have to remember success can be viewed many different ways. Do you personally feel like you have had success on the job? Is it recognized?

I – Input. Are you asked for your ideas or input on new strategies or new processes and procedures? Does your opinion matter?

N – Net Income. (If you can’t tell, I searched hard for a word beginning with ‘N’ here). Does your job pay you fairly compared to the market? Is it enough for you and your family to live on?

G – Goals. Do you have goals that are set personally and goals set by your manager? Are they attainable? Is there a clear path once your goals have been met?

Job searching is like dating. There are deal breakers and then there are things that would just be nice to have. If you make it through this list and your own list and you realize that it’s time to start searching, don’t just jump ship. Talk to someone, get your resume beefed up, and apply for jobs. Applying for jobs and interviewing is a good way to tell if you’re ready or not. You may find the perfect job right away or you may not. Interviewing at other places may even help you find more things to add to your must have and ideal lists. If you’re in a place where you aren’t sure what to do about your job, call me. We can talk through it. Working with a recruiter helps because it’s someone who is a professional in the market, knows what’s going on in the market, is a completely removed party, and can offer some really great advice. Just because you have a conversation with someone doesn’t mean you’re committed to them…again with the dating advice. It’s quite possible you’ll make it through this list and realize you just need a vacation. My hope for you is that you’ll enjoy your Thanksgiving and holiday season, and I wish you the best luck in your career. I look forward to partnering with you in the future.

Chelsea Liska
Chelsea has been with Aureus Group since September 2011, and currently is an Account Manager for the Iowa market. Chelsea works with clients to discuss their staffing needs and assist in finding them the perfect candidate to join their team. She loves when she is able to use her skills to help someone and give them an amazing experience in their candidate and career search. Every day Chelsea gets to be a part of a company that is building into her so that she can build into others. When she isn’t working, she is active in her church. Chelsea loves being active and playing volleyball, golf, softball, snowboarding, working out, and hanging out with her friends and family. Binge watching her favorite shows is definitely a notable skill! She is personally and professionally committed to being an “Energy Ambassador!”


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