Employee of the Quarter: Linda A., Account Manager, Aureus Systems

The right fit feels good. Like a pair of your favorite jeans that make you feel at home the moment you slip into them.

A staffing industry veteran of 22 years, Linda A. came to Aureus Group and its Systems team just short of a year ago. During the course of her career she’s worked for various firms and even run one herself. Now, she says, she’s in the right place.

“I am so glad to be here,” she says. “In fact, I just dreamed about it just last night.”

Q4 Employee of the Quarter, Linda A., Aureus Group
Q4 Employee of the Quarter, Linda A., Aureus Group

Linda is a high energy ball of fire who is passionate about what she does. “I absolutely love my job. I love the recruiting business. I love coming to work every day.”

She’s fit in so well and made such an impact, from mentoring team members and pitching in to her positive attitude which kicks off each day, she’s already been recognized as an Employee of the Quarter.

Helping clients find the right person is what drives her. She acknowledges it’s demanding but reasons, “There’s high risk and high return. If you’re willing to put in the time it will all pay off. If you’re making your client happy, the rest will come.”

Over the years, Linda has weathered the storms of markets headed south only to see them cycle back up again. She says there’s no hidden secret to coming out on top. “You get your head down, get to work, and work harder.”

She understands because she’s been there before, demonstrating optimism and perseverance all while clients are wary of hiring. “I didn’t used to think of myself as a resilient person, but it has to be like water off a duck’s back. It took me a lot of years to figure that out.”

Staying the course with more than two decades of experience and well-practiced techniques under her belt, tough times don’t rattle her. But that doesn’t mean it’s business as usual.

“Because there are more people in the market, we just have to screen that much more. There’s more volume, it’s more competitive, and there’s more sifting. We have to ask the tough questions of candidates and get to the heart of it.”

Today, she views her role as more of a consultative one with clients and also candidates. “We’re looked at as a trusted advisor more so than a vendor.”

During her career, Linda has worked alongside hundreds of other recruiters but can’t say enough about her co-workers on the Systems team.

“Our team is unique because of the level of talent – a seasoned staff who all see the bigger picture. I work with a phenomenal group of people.”

Speaking of team, she and her colleague Jillian are trying something new in Aureus Group – a modified spin on the team concept. Jillian finds the business and Linda finds the talent. While still supporting other members of the Systems group, they work as a pair. “It’s going very well – fantastic, actually!”

Life for Linda revolves around work, faith, and family and she approaches each day with renewed enthusiasm.

She and husband Vince have been married 27 years. Together they have three children, ages 25, 24, and 16.

Middle child Mandy is getting married in October. The youngest, Andy, whom she likens to a budding comedian, “sucks the life out of me.” And once out the door, the oldest, Alex, is back inside, while getting on his feet. “It’s fun to have him back. My husband and I are going to Kansas City and he’s able to stay home with our 16 year-old. There’s no way I’m leaving him home by himself. Not going to do it.” Andy, she says with a laugh, is a handful.

The couple is very involved with their church – he’s a cantor and she plays the piano.

Music is something she gravitates to regularly. She had just several years of lessons while growing up but says now is when she’s getting her joy out of it.

“I play the piano like a fiend. I play everything,” she says, her eyes lighting up with excitement. “Right now, I’m playing ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘Wicked’. I play a lot of Lorie Line’s music, too. I love her music.”

Beyond the keys, she’s into cookies and cardio. She loves to bake, cookies being her specialty. “Gabe [an Aureus Group co-worker] always asks me why I don’t bring in samples!” And to cope with stress, along with obvious health benefits, Linda works out every day. “I’m religious about it,” she says. “I do cardio every day and strength training three times a week. I feel better have more energy and am more productive in all I do.”

For Linda, “living each day to the fullest” isn’t just a cheesy quote on a coffee mug, it’s truly how she approaches every aspect of her life – defying gravity, despite the negative tugs that accompany any challenge or obstacle.

Just an observation: her career with Aureus Group has already taken off.

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