Executives, Hiring Managers, & HR Professionals: Are Your Salaries Competitive?

Two clients asked me just this week if the salary range they were offering for a position was competitive. There’s not an easy or quick answer to that question! We take many things into consideration when consulting with our clients about compensation. We don’t provide salary surveys or anything formal like that, as those quickly become outdated when the market changes with large company lay-offs, mergers, acquisitions, the Coronavirus, etc.

When we are engaged in a search to fill a client’s need for an interim or acting as a consultant resource, we get in-depth information from the hiring manager of what is required and expected and the current salary. Aureus Group has more than 50 years of experience consulting with our clients and providing solutions to their recruiting and staffing challenges. We have a unique advantage of knowing salaries in thousands of companies and in thousands of roles. It’s constantly changing and our intel and expertise is current and relevant. We are experts and we know what’s competitive and what’s not.

When people are looking for a new career opportunity, one of their most important considerations is salary. We spend a great deal of time with a candidate on the front end in qualifying their compensation and especially base salary needs. In our interviews, we learn about their compensation today and their salary history. Then we learn what salary would be required for them to make a change. Keep in mind that with the low unemployment rates in the Midwest in the markets we serve, it’s harder than ever to find talent. The high demand for talent and the low supply are playing a significant role in determining salaries.

We gathered information from a client a few days ago about a new career opening and asked for the salary range. They said they need our help with that and didn’t want to provide a range. They want us to provide the salaries we are finding based on the qualified talent we source and recruit in today’s market. How progressive is that?!

So, the salary range information we provide is based on market intel from our clients AND from our candidates. We find this to be the most accurate, real, and relevant information. The goal remains the same – to find you the best candidate that meets your needs at a competitive base salary and for the candidate to get what they require. We are here to help you and share our expertise and market knowledge!

LInda Aughenbaugh, Executive IT Recruiter at Aureus Group

Linda Aughenbaugh, Executive Recruiter
Linda Aughenbaugh has been in the recruiting and staffing industry for more 30 years. Linda has been with Aureus Group for almost 11 years in several different capacities including Account Manager, Recruiter, Recruiting Manager, Branch Manager, and Executive Recruiter. She has held different positions with other firms as well, including Franchise Owner of a franchise staffing service for nearly 12 years, Director of IT Contract Staffing, and Branch Manager. She has received numerous awards and has achieved President’s Club seven times. She has a true passion, determination, and drive in helping people improve their career situation and for finding the right talent at the right time for her clients.

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