February Fallback

It’s that time of year again, one month closer to spring. We’re a number of days farther away from that wretched weather that made us feel oh so cold, bitter cold. Just less than a week away of possible agony from a groundhog telling us if we have to suffer longer.

But let’s take it back to our gift, the present. It’s time to be honest, there’s a little bit in each of us that is glad that the holidays are over. Sure they’re the most amazing, empathetic, loving, giving, and caring time of the year but it’s also one of the busiest. It’s time to relax and settle into the new year, for we all know everything outdoors is right around the corner.

So, how many of us are still on track for our New Year’s resolutions? Have we created the habits that just one month ago we’d set for ourselves? We are quite possibly busier during the holiday season than any other time of the year, on a day-to-day basis. Then January rolls around and we set goals, completely new habits, and then circumstance sets in: injury, illness, mental, or emotional setback. Additionally February is the month of sickness, right? According to the Nebraska DHHS’ 2012-2013 statistics of reported influenza, there were almost twice as many reports in January opposed to February. This trend continued, February greater than March and March greater than April.

Now we’re back and the present isn’t wrapped all pretty and pristine like we’re accustomed to. Throw in an illness or personal obstacle or two. Add it to only a few short weeks before that oh so longed feeling, warmth, returns… Game, Set, Match!

I’m not a gambling man but I’m asking you to roll the dice, press restart. Pull those goals out or remake them if they’re long gone, there’s no difference. Give ourselves a second chance to do the things we told ourselves we were going to do. It’s suggested that it takes 21 days to create a new habit, for it to feel “normal”. We’re rested from the holidays and headed towards better overall health. Is there really a better time than now? If we go on a short streak where we break the habit, we restart at zero again. It’s all okay, because remember spring is only a few easy weeks away!

Nathan Jones joined the Aureus Group’s Finance and Accounting team in September of 2013. As a  young professional, Nathan brings three years of sales experience, including time as a corporate recruiter for a direct sales company. With a degree in Management from Midland University, Nathan focuses on fostering relationships with hard working and driven accountants of various backgrounds in the Lincoln and Omaha areas. He attributes his success to the desire to listen and develop specific creative solutions, providing meaningful and lasting impact with the people he works with. Nathan recently bought his first investment property and is continuously looking for opportunities to grow and challenge himself.

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