Five Resolutions for How to Hire People

The older I get, the faster these years seem to click by. Another year is about to come and go and put a fresh 365 days in front of us. We have yet another opportunity to become inspired in a way that can dramatically improve our life. For business owners and managers we have an opportunity to turn over a new leaf in countless ways that can impact so many lives around us. Truth be told, every day is an opportunity and we do not need a new calendar to make changes. In the spirit of the season though, I have five resolutions we all need to make in 2017 to hire the best people for our business.

Hire based on talent over experience

Rather than qualify candidates based on a magic number of years spent in a particular area of expertise, qualify based on the ability to be great in that area. Ask candidates what they enjoy the most in their jobs and what they are best at. These two things will most often be the same and we should aspire to hire these people and plug them into roles that allow them to do things they love as often as possible. Can you imagine a workforce comprised entirely of this? It has to start somewhere. I am not a huge fan of assessments, but if you are going to invest in a tool make absolutely certain it is a talent based discovery.

Dump the scripted behavioral interview questions

Unless you pay an organizational psychologist good money to evaluate these answers thoroughly, there is no need to ask the “tell me about a time…” questions. Instead have dialogue aimed at getting to know the people you intend to hire. Find out what motivates them and why they are looking for a new start. Don’t be afraid of some baggage either. We all carry plenty!

Grab a meal

Once you have narrowed down to a few or perhaps just one favorite candidate, take them to lunch (or breakfast or dinner). It’s amazing how people start to change once they get comfortable and changing the setting to a neutral location can really allow you to get a better idea of who you are really talking to. This is especially important if you are hiring executive-level talent or sales professionals.

Sell your opportunity

Resist the temptation to make your interviews an interrogation or inquisition. Instead talk to your candidate about why this opportunity is unique. Talk to them about what makes your company special. Talk to them about your culture, vision, and leadership style. In a nutshell, tell them what is in it for them to work for you. You will not end up hiring everyone you interview, but you want the opportunity to. This also helps you stand out because so few managers interview this way…although they ALL SHOULD!

Hire “growth mindset” people

In Dr. Carol Dweck’s book Mindset she teaches us how to evaluate people as growth vs. fixed mindset individuals. Her contention, based on miles of research, is that we all possess the ability to increase our intelligence and talent if we believe we can. That is the key. We have to believe it. Those who don’t are likely to submarine the growth of your organization because of their own fixed mindset. Those that believe are likely to inspire others to growth along with themselves. No matter what you should read the book and decide that 2017 is going to be a growth year for you. You control that 100 percent!

Here is to a great 2017 of hiring the best people for your organization and growth beyond your wildest dreams!

nate-elgert-150x150Nate Elgert, CPC

Nate joined Aureus Group in 2006 and has exclusively been serving Nebraska customers all across the state. In his role as Sales Manager, Nate leads an elite team of recruiters and account managers who source accounting and finance talent within all industries. This talent ranges from technical individual contributors to executive finance leadership.

 Nate has earned the prestigious “President’s Club” award three times, which puts him in upper echelon status among not only his Aureus Group peers, but also in the staffing and recruitment industry. He attributes his success to a transparent style of communication and a sincere belief in pairing the best interests of his clients with that of his candidates on every occasion.

Prior to his time at Aureus Group, Nate carved out his skills in the banking, advertising, and retail industries. These growth experiences led Nate from Kansas City to Des Moines to Phoenix and then back to his original home in Nebraska. Nate holds a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from The University of Missouri at Kansas City and is a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) through the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS).

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