Online Social Networking Sites Transform Job Search

Word of mouth has always been a powerful marketing agent. When marketing yourself and your skills while searching for a new employment opportunity, the power of “word of mouth” is recognized through the reach of your personal and/or professional network.

Web 2.0 and the social media wave is changing the networking game. A recent Business Week article cited that there are now 150 million Facebook users, and the number grows exponentially every day as more and more “adults” sign on to the site. The increase in usage and popularity of Facebook and similar sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter make personal marketing, and the ability to connect with friends, professional contacts, and now businesses, even easier.

Once you’ve got your network firmly in one place (or a few places depending on how you use social networking sites) it’s easy to share tips with each other, forward interesting articles, and keep up on what those in your network are doing right now, including when one person is looking for a job or has a job available. The great news is that people are having success using social networking sites to find jobs. Click here to read David Murray’s success story. David used Twitter to find a new job, but other social sites can be used in a similar way to track down new job opportunities.

Don’t forget that the old rules for finding a job still apply. Job seekers must be professional, have the skills required for the job, and be willing to put in the time to find a new job, but it doesn’t hurt to let the power of social networking work for you.

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